Your Tribe's Got Your Back

Create Meaningful Relationships and Experiences

What's a great life if you have no one to share it with? A supportive community can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of life. It's a human need we seem to have lost touch with.

Connection, Belonging, and Community: 3 Human NEEDS

Humans have a need for connection. As babies, if we don't get touched, fondled, and loved, we end up with severe difficulties in life.

When it comes to social circles, we originate from tribes. We've lived amongst each other in intimate groups for most of human history. (except the last 200 years).

Today, we are losing our sense of community more and more. Loneliness is an increasingly common and potentially deadly condition (affecting 47% of adults in the US).

Isolation is the new norm. 1 bedroom apartments, a handful of distant friends, and a lot of time behind screens.

This is certainly not a healthy way for us to structure our social lives. The problem is that it becomes the default setting for many people. 

What do we do about this? Can we deliberately build a community? Can we cultivate relationships with people who support us? What about being part of a group that gives us purpose and belonging?

What we value when it comes to Tribe Building

Find Your Tribe

Assemble a tribe of people and create an awesome, uplifting culture in that tribe. Deliberately build better, deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Communication Skills

Learn to communicate clearly in conversations and in groups. Confidently express your desires & intentions. Learn how to play the social game well.

Shared Experiences

Experiences in life are meant to be shared. Invite people to go on an adventures and have shared growth experiences with you.

Social Circle & Relationship Building

Shared Adventures: The Ticket to Personal Growth

Shared adventures with others is one of the quickest ways to learn about yourself - if it's done right.

This is especially true if you go on retreats with other growth minded people. People who are also interested in self development.

And at ikario, our goal is to someday host these retreats ourselves. For now, we've had to make other plans.

Due to COVID, we have been unable to make this happen as of yet. So we decided to do the next best thing - we went on one with our team.

This retreat was 14 days on the coast of Portugal.  We ran a series of self-development experiments. Oh, and we also filmed the whole thing.

Check out how it went!

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