Self Development, Implemented.

Tired of being a self-help tourist, consuming all the content, but not getting any results?

ikario is where the self-development rubber meets the getting-actual-results road! We may not be good at analogies, but we're great at helping you master productivity, build kick-ass habits & win at the game of life.

What does it mean to “live a good life”?

When we asked this question to our audience, the answer that came up most often was freedom.

The freedom to live where I want. The freedom to work where I want. The freedom to spend time with people I love, and to be happy and healthy. Freedom from pain, from illness, from neurotic thought.

These are universal desires - but the question is: how can we move towards them?

At ikario we know that the answer is to level up your personal power. Improve your skills and abilities. Remove mental blocks. Resolve your emotional baggage. Learn social skills, and create habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. These are the steps that unlock personal freedom.

Our online classes and experiences help you to build your personal power to live life 100% on your terms! We separate our offerings into 4 key areas of life which we call the 4 pillars of freedom.


What is the path to financial freedom?

Improve your productivity and skills, while discovering how to invest for true wealth.


How do you create healthy habits?

Discover how to be healthy, vital, and full of energy despite the high stress world we live in.


How are we affected by our minds?

 Free yourself from the blocks & limiting beliefs holding you back in life. Truth is the path to peace.


How do I create fulfilling relationships?

Connection & love areessential for our well-being. Learn how to build a supportive & loving tribe.

A look inside our classes

Here's a sneak peak into exactly what we offer with our online courses, classes, and live experiences.

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