You Already Know
How to be Healthy

You Already Know
How to be Healthy

The problem is you're NOT doing it!

The problem is you're
NOT doing it!

This happens because of hidden emotional blocks.

Silence Your Mind helps you resolve these blocks so you can start living a Good & Healthy life.

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Why People Love

The Silence Your Mind Program

They Create Healthy Habits Easily

They stop procrastinating on doing "Good" things for themselves.

Doing good things for yourself and taking care of yourself is the first step to living a Good & Healthy life.

This is why most people start an exercising and eating healthy after they go through the Silence Your Mind program.

They Accept & Forgive Themselves...

...for their past, their mistakes, and everything they've been feeling guilty about.

Our inner critic can be very cruel to us. This is why it's important to face our inner critic and forgive ourselves.

Silence Your Mind helps you accept and forgive yourself for your past and the mistakes you've made.

They Reclaim Their Birthright

We are meant to live Happy, Good and Healthy lives.

We all know deep down inside that living a healthy, good life is not supposed to be expensive and hard.

The Food Industry sells us cheap, unhealthy food that's tasty and addictive. This is why it's so easy for us to eat our feelings away.

Silence Your Mind helps us resolve these underlying feelings so we don't need unhealthy food to begin with.

Are You Ready to Be Happy Again?

I know what you're going through...


I'm  Shane Melaugh

My mind used to be a literal hellhole.

I hated my life... and worse, I hated myself.

I was never popular, I never fit in at school, and I was never good at anything.

I developed an extremely harsh inner critic that never let me forget any of that.

I would constantly be replaying past events in my mind and feeling worse and worse about them, and myself.

Every single day was a battle just to try to be happy for once.

It's this mental anguish and struggle that led me to creating the Silence Your Mind program!

Today, I can proudly say that I no longer have an inner criticI am at peace with who I am, and most importantly...

...I have developed a positive, loving relationship with myself!

This positive relationship has allowed me to take better care of myself and build a life that I actually love living.

And it all started with overcoming my hidden trauma, my inner critic, and resolving my emotional issues using the Silence Your Mind program.

I know it will do the same for you!

3 Steps to Living a Good & Healthy Life


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Live a Good & Healthy Life.

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