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At ikario we take our free course very seriously... our aim is to blow you away with the value you get! Look through our catalogue of free classes - get ready to learn!

Productivity & Wealth Building

Featured Classes:

Wealth Building: Path to Financial Freedom

Blueprint to copying the money habits of the rich.

  • A whopping 24 lesson video course to teach you powerful money-mindsets!
  • Get practical tips for setting financial goals
  • Learn how anyone can invest to take advantage of the new age of money!

90 HM: Supercharge Your Productivity

Blow your mind with how much you get done!

  • A fan favorite among ikario members: you'll never work the same again!
  • Discover how to get more done in 90 minutes than most do in a whole day!
  • Learn how to crush distractions, easily.

Become an Implementation Machine!

Shane's secrets for relentless execution!

  • Discover why implementation is the key to success.
  • Follow this practical system to go from "putting it off for later" to "relentless implementation".
  • Discover the underrated factor that leads to 100x long term results.

Other Free Classes to Level Up Your Life

strategic and consistent

Decision Making... The Ultimate Life Advantage

Make winning decisions majority of the time!

  • Deal with indecisiveness and make winning decisions more often than losing ones.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to make tough decisions
  • Counteract biases in your own mind to avoid the common pitfalls of our brains

What if You Could Never Procrastinate Again?

Destroy the Obstacles to Your Success

  • Learn the exact root cause of why you procrastinate 
  • Learn how to break down your goals into small items that are easy to execute on
  • Discover Shane's "action formula" for how to reliably move in the direction of your goals!