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A simple system for Creators & Entrepreneurs to Work Smarter (not harder) and accomplish their biggest goals...

  • 10 Years of entrepreneurship experienced boiled down to 10 short action-packed lessons
  • Plug-n-Play Templates and Resources
  • The ultimate productivity system for creators and entrepreneurs looking to make consistent progress effortlessly.

This program will give you a simple (yet effective) productivity system that you can instantly begin implementing to level up your work life.

21 Days to Crush Procrastination

Start taking action on the most meaningful things in YOUR life!

  • Transform your relationship with distraction & procrastination FOREVER with 21 radical challenges
  • Uncover the true reasons WHY you procrastinate
  • Discover scientifically proven methods for eliminating procrastination & distraction

This is more than just information, this challenge is 21 days of life-changing experience!

Silence Your Mind

Turn off negative self-talk and criticism for good! Free yourself of emotional baggage, and achieve more peace of mind.

  • 21 days of guided writing exercise videos to silence negative self-talk, painful emotions, and self-criticism.
  • Enjoy more peace of mind on a day-to-day basis
  • Free yourself of inner-limitations and take massive action towards your goals!

Silence your mind is Shane's BEST introspective writing exercises to help you battle your demons and live a life of true peace!

Level Up and Become a High Performer.
The Best Version of You!

High Performance Programs

The focus & action Productivity System

The Ruthlessly Practical Approach to Making Your Goals Happen...

  • The complete 67-lesson productivity system to turn ANYONE into a High Performer
  • From addressing hidden fears to plug-n-play systems and templates, we got you covered
  • 9-Week Live Program with accountability groups, performance coaching, and hand held goal-setting

focus & action is our flagship, ultimate transformation program to turn you into an ELITE level performer!

Note: We only run focus&action Live once a year.

Live Program Currently Closed
Standalone System

Men Getting Shit Done

Achieve BIG Results in Little Time

  • 8-Week Live Program focused on pure execution.
  • We help you create a plan then hold you accountable to making it happen.
  • Build your Warrior Mindset and attack your goal with everything you got.

MGSD is an exclusive Men's program where we focus on a masculine approach to Getting Shit Done and making things happen no matter what!

There is no fluff or unnecessary kindness. You are expected to show up as a man.

Live Program Currently Closed

High Performance Coaching

1-on-1 Elite Performance Coaching from ikario

  • 12-Week 1-on-1 High Performance coaching for your biggest goals
  • We help you set a 3-month goal and keep you accountable every week to make it happen
  • We give you every tool needed to set you up for success

Note: ikario High Performance Coaching is an elite-level 1-on-1 coaching and goal-accomplishment program. This will not be a good fit for most people.

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