Double Your Productivity, Crush Procrastination, & Reach Your Most Ambitious Goals!

Here is a look into the different products and experiences that we offer here at ikario:

21 Days to Crush Procrastination

Start taking action on the most meaningful things in YOUR life!

  • Transform your relationship with distraction & procrastination FOREVER with 21 radical challenges
  • Uncover the true reasons WHY you procrastinate
  • Discover scientifically proven methods for eliminating procrastination & distraction

This is more than just information, this challenge is 21 days of life-changing experience!

Silence Your Mind

Turn off negative self-talk and criticism for good! Free yourself of emotional baggage, and achieve more peace of mind.

  • 21 days of guided writing exercise videos to silence negative self-talk, painful emotions, and self-criticism.
  • Enjoy more peace of mind on a day-to-day basis
  • Free yourself of inner-limitations and take massive action towards your goals!

Silence your mind is Shane's BEST introspective writing exercises to help you battle your demons and live a life of true peace!

Learn The Skills of SUPER High Performers

Double your productivity, increase your confidence, and achieve your most ambitious goals!

  • An inside look at my proven productivity system to turn you into the person who can easily achieve your goals
  • Learn the habits, systems, and skills of high performers
  • Get personalized live coaching from me and my team to take your performance to the next level!

focus & action is our flagship productivity program, 10+ years of productivity and habit hacking in 10 weeks of live training!

Free Classes to Level up Your Life

Featured Classes:

Wealth Building: Path to Financial Freedom

The blueprint to copying the money habits of the rich.

  • A whopping 24 lesson video course to teach you powerful money-mindsets!
  • Get practical tips for setting financial goals
  • Learn how anyone can invest to take advantage of the new age of money!

90 Heroic Minutes: Supercharge Your Productivity

Blow your mind with how much you get done!

  • A fan favorite among ikario members: you'll never work the same again!
  • Discover how to get more done in 90 minutes than most do in a whole day!
  • Learn how to crush distractions, easily.

Become an Implementation Machine

Shane's secrets for relentless execution!

  • Discover why implementation is the key to success.
  • Follow this practical system to go from "putting it off for later" to "relentless implementation".
  • Disover the underrated factor that leads to 100x long term results.