Truth is the Path to Peace

"Shine a light on your demons, and watch the little cowards scurry away"

Overcoming trauma is one of the quickest paths to peace. Unfortunately you can't change what you can't see. Truth is about having the courage & tools to look within transform, and question our thoughts and beliefs about the world. 

Your Mind: Ally, Enemy, Troublemaker

Many of us believe that our thinking is the objectively true. We experience our thoughts and interpretations of life as real - when many times our minds are quite manipulative.

Our minds can wreck havoc in our lives and our relationships. Or, they can be our biggest allies and help us rationally tackle problems and make decisions. It depends how you use your greatest weapon.

There are many reasons to "shine the light" on the true nature of your mind. 

For one - many of our negative behaviours stem from underlying beliefs. "I am never able to lose weight" can just be a symptom of a deeper root cause. And procrastination can be yet another method of self-sabotage.

Observing the true nature of your mind has other benefits as well. It can help you overcome biases to create logical world-views, and make good decisions. 

Master Your Greatest Weapon - With Truth

Mental Self-Defence

Understanding the limits and fallibility of the human mind gives you power. The fool knows many things. The sage understands that he knows very little.

Fight Your Demons

Look within to face the true causes of your problems, anxieties, and negative beliefs. Dissolve your problems at the source.

Hone Your Mind

Learn to use mental tools to gain a clearer understanding of the world and make decisions that give you an advantage

Demon Slaying 101: Take Their Power Away

We all have demons. We all have things about our lives that are not working, and many times, these are caused by deeper traumas, emotional issues, and self-worth problems.

They can be painful to look at, so many of us choose to keep them hidden in the dark. The problem is that we remain at their mercy. They affect our emotional lives, our professional lives, and our relationships.

To me - any inner work must start with truth. It starts with being brutally honest about the source of our problems & suffering. Once we have the awareness of our problems, we need tools to deal with them.

The road to peace, starts with truth. Now let's get started.

Resources & Articles on Introspection & Truth

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Strategic Thinking & Mental Models

Making logical decisions, can be well... difficult.

Our emotions tend to dictate the nature of our thinking and decisions. If you learn to recognize biases of your mind, you can gain a competitive advantage in the world.

Learn to make accurate assessments of risk, to make the most of the thousands of decisions we make each day.