The Path to TRUE Financial Freedom

Discover the keys to having enough money to never worry about money again...

One of the first areas in life to sort out is financial. Until you have comfort, security, and freedom, it's tough to focus on your higher purpose and values.

What if Money DOES in fact Make You Happy?

We've all been told that money won't make us happy... but being broke doesn't seem to do the trick, either.

Money is connected to happiness and Maslow's hierarchy of needs does a great job explaining exactly why this is:

As long as the needs on the lower part of the pyramid are not met, we cannot take care of the higher up needs.

So yes, love, belonging, community, serving a higher purpose... these are all very important for human thriving. But until you have your basic needs met, advice like "find your purpose", and "live your passion" is usually missing the mark.

Think of it like this: the more time you spend worried and stressed about your financial situation, the less you can do things that truly matter. Money itself is not important. But the freedom that having money unlocks is crucial.

How ikario Helps You Take Control of Your Financial Life:

So how do you fix your financial troubles, become an excellent player of the money game and gain financial freedom? We can break it down into 3 areas:

Double Your Productivity

Productivity is about performance. Your ratio of inputs to outputs. Supercharge your personal power by doubling or tripling your productivity.

Develop Your Skills

Want to ensure you can increase your income? Focus on skill building. Then  deploy those skills in the new economy to boost your value generation.

Let Money Work For You

Learn to think like an investor, understanding the basics of markets, investments and the old vs. new financial system. Create real wealth.

Shane Portrait

Hey there. I'm Shane Melaugh, founder of Thrive Themes and several other 6 and 7 figure businesses - and now at ikario, we want to help you gain freedom and power to live life on your terms.

Unlock the #1 Wealth Generation Skill

Want to be more successful? Focus on the income generating machine, rather than the income. In other words, focus on YOU. Become more productive and skilled so the income naturally follows.

This principle comes from over a decade working with entrepreneurs. You generally hear the same things over and over again:

I have all the knowledge I need. I know exactly what I need to do to grow my business, but I don't...

Step one is prioritization. The ability to choose the highest leverage task to move your business forward. After that, productivity is about being-laser focused and distraction free while you work..

Here's how we can help you crush procrastination, double your productivity, and make your business goals a reality.

Free Resources on Productivity:

Stop Procrastination in its Tracks

THIS is Why You Procrastinate

Why is procrastination such a common struggle? And why is it so damn hard to overcome? Take a sneak peek below to see how we break it down:

Double Your Productivity, Lower Your Stress

The key to generating more income as an employee, entrepreneur or creator? Become a highly productive badass. Here's how you can start making yourself "so good they can't ignore you":

Rapid Skill Development Through Action

Too much thinking, planning, hesitating - not enough action. This is true for most people. Most people are good starters but weak finishers. What if you were the opposite? What if you were a relentless force of getting shit done?

Get our free course "Become an Implementation Machine"

Wealth is When Your Money Earns Money for You...

It's one thing to be able to generate income - but once you do, the next step is learning how to let your MONEY make MONEY.

This is one of the biggest lessons I wish somebody had told me when I started out in Entrepreneurship. If you can learn the basics of saving, investing, and risk management, you will be way better off financially in the long run...

Let's learn to think like an investor.