Episode #006

How to Get Your Sh*t Together, Part V: Financial

If you want to get your shit together and find freedom in today's world, you need to play the money game. And you need to play it well.

Many of us realize this. The term "financial freedom" is found almost everywhere, yet most people do not handle their money well. Not only is there a lack of sincere education surrounding matters of finance, but bad habits are actively encouraged.

Mindless spending, consumerism, unquestioned accumulation of debt, buying unnecessary things that don't add value to your life. The next insanely expensive smartphone that has two new features you will never use. I could go on.

In today's world, what we often think of as normal isn't. In what universe is purchasing a sofa on credit at a high interest rate to be paid off over 18 months a good deal? (A goddamn sofa!)

Faced with such madness, what can you as an individual do? 

As always, we've got your back. With this episode of the "How to Get Your Shit Together" series, we're helping you unf*ck your finances in three big ways.

In this episode...

Some of the points covered in today's conversation:

  • The thing that almost every should do that will completely change the trajectory of your finances.
  • The dangers of getting into debt - and why everyone is content to be in debt all of time.
  • What does true compound interest mean? 
  • Why the financial game has a snowball effect - and how to make use of this.
  • Tracking your finances in the most simple and direct way possible (using the best app we've ever found).
  • How to increase the amount you save (without you even noticing it).
  • A basic framework for reducing impulse buying and making much better financial decisions.
  • The importance of intentional spending & "non-suffering minimalism" when it comes to generating wealth.

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Oliver Cowlishaw

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Ollie is an avid pizza connoisseur, accomplished drinker of coffee and lover of soul music. Heavily influenced by Zen & eastern mysticism, his curiosity regarding the human experience is insatiable. Despite having a strong vocabulary, he swears a lot and uses slang phrases ("ollie-isms") that almost nobody understands, not even himself.

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