3 Quick Steps to Overcome Regret Caused by Procrastination

Tim J
February 22, 2021

Looking into passed regrets is a painful exercise. In this post I'll share with you the 3-Quick-Steps that I used to heal from that pain. 

Through this work I discovered an outstanding regret. 10 years ago I procrastinated on an opportunity and I missed out on an epic road-trip. And until now, I've never let it go.

After I discovered the regret the three steps to overcoming it were: 

1. Have a personal dialogue and ask these questions

  1. How does regretting that trip make me feel?
  2. If I could change something about the past what would it be and why?
  3. What lessons have I learned from that missed opportunity?

2. Find a friend who followed through with a similar trip and ask them questions

  1. What were the highlights and lowlights about doing the trip?
  2. What valuable lessons did you learn?
  3. Is there anything that you recommend I do to get over my regret?

3. Create a symbolic act to let it go

In my case I took a note down to the closest pier. I lit the note on fire and I watched as the red ambers floated away in the wind. 

In the end I'll say that this process was very emotionally satisfying, and I was able to turn a regret into a life lesson.

Now, instead of looking back on that moment with sadness. Instead, I look to that moment and think about what I learned and how I can apply that to my situation moving forwards.

That's it. 

With that process I was able to overcome regret caused by procrastination. 

Do you have a regret that you'd like to heal from? Something that you'd rather turn into a life lesson?

Tim J

About the author

He's a video content creator who loves a good adventure. He's been studying storytelling for the last three years and hopes to help take ikario content to the next level.

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  • I hope you are feeling lighter now by letting go of your regret. I think when we cultivate self -love we can forgive ourselves. Very helpful and thank you for making videos. I love videos made by you, Tim. They are so authentic and engaging.

    • Thanks for the kind words Jenny. I tend to create content that includes a lot of my personal story. Sometimes I question if it’s the right approach to take.

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