Mindset & Playing the Money Game

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Why am I so into wealth building and personal finance, while also being relatively disinterested in money?

Because the worst thing to do is to play the money game, but play it poorly. 

And that's what most of us learnt to do, growing up. Here are some tell-tale signs:

  • You're always complaining about money
  • Always having trouble — "I'm always out of money"
  • You spend a lot of time doing work that you don't like and don't find fulfilling - but you have to do it, because otherwise you'd be in financial trouble.
  • You wish you had more free time, you'd like to go on a vacation, but you can't afford it, you'd love to pursue different interests but you never have the time or money...

In essence, consistent money troubles and problems are a symptom of playing the money game poorly.

The 3 Money Mindsets

I grew up with all these money problems. I grew up as a very bad player of the money game. Thankfully, I changed trajectory and I experienced an evolution of my mindset around money that followed these 3 stages:

Employee Mindset
  • More time = more money.
  • Vague relationship to money - no clear connection between work done and the real source of income/salary.
  • Paycheck mindset - money made with each paycheck is spent. Higher salary is matched with higher living costs.
  • Money feels scarce and hard to come by.
Entrepreneur Mindset
  • More value = more money.
  • Clear relationship between decisions made, value created & income generated.
  • Become the designer of the system/machine that turns inputs (of time, labour, technology...) into output, profitably.
  • Money is abundant.
Investor Mindset
  • Most money is made from neither time nor value.
  • Realizing the difference between a side hustle and truly passive income.
  • Realizing that you don't have to be directly involved in value creation or in a business to make money.
  • Money is extremely abundant.

My conclusion is this: you either leave the world behind and go find peace in the wild or meditating in a cave or something... or you accept the fact that money runs the world and you start getting better at playing the money game.

I'd love to live in a post-money society, but that's not the world I find myself in. So I chose the latter.

I hope that with these insights about money mindset and with this class, you can speedrun the wealth building evolution I've gone through in my last 15+ years.

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