Advanced Net Worth Tracking Sheet

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As I mentioned in the original video, I recommend starting with something simple and getting into the habit of updating it.

Over time, you can add complexity to the net worth tracking sheet, to suit your needs.

Now that we've talked about investing and asset classes, here's an example of how to update to a more advance net worth tracking system.

Advanced Net Worth Tracking Sheet: click here

The Advanced Net Worth tracking sheet includes all of your investments under Assets.

There is also a separate tab for all of your subscriptions.

CoinTracker is a very useful app. With a free account, you can connect multiple exchanges and wallets. It will show you an overview of all of your crypto holdings as price changes over time. And for a small fee, they make tax reporting easier as well.

If you're interacting with Defi, a great tool to use is Zapper. You can also connect multiple wallet addresses and it will give you an overview of all the different Defi apps you're involved in.

These tools are useful in general and also make tracking your net worth easy as well.

A Few Notes

A couple of points to clarify about how to update this spreadsheet:

An Investment is Not an Expense

  • Buying $100 worth of stock or crypto is not like buying a product for $100.
  • It's like transferring money from one account to another account
  • If anything, the expense is the fee you pay.
  • Unrealized gains and losses are neither income nor expense.

Enter the Current Value in all Fields

  • Shane tracks his net worth on the 1st of every month.
  • Enter the current value in all fields.
  • The purpose of the Net Worth Tracking Sheet is to capture a snapshot once a month.
  • We are measuring something that matters.

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