Healthy Living Made Easy

Habit Building: The Cornerstone of Health

Being healthy affects more than your longevity... it affects your performance, your happiness and your overall life quality.

At ikario, our approach to a healthy lifestyle is about the little things you do every day. Sleep, nutrition, movement, and time in nature lead to a healthy body, and a calm mind.

Health & Modern Life: Sworn Enemies?

When I look at the world today, it's obvious we're living through a health epidemic.

Disease and obesity are on the rise. Mental health stats get worse by the year. And people are more lonely and disconnected than ever before.

Given that we're the most advanced society ever, how is it we are also the unhealthiest we've ever been?

In today's world there are many temptations and forces working against us living long and healthy lives...

  • The Attention Economy: Billion-dollar tech companies whose main goal is profit. At the expense of your attention & well-being.
  • Large Processed Food Companies: who want to add as much sugar and fat to food as possible. Why? It costs less, and it gets us hooked.
  • Work Culture & Technology: sitting crouched over devices for hours and hours a day is simply not healthy. Yet, for most of us, it's the reality.

You may be thinking, "yes, these things exist, but we're still in control, right?".

You're right! We can still be responsible, and structure our lives to it's easy to be healthy. Building our habits, our environments, and our lives to be as conducive to health as possible.

That is our approach to healthy living. 

The ikario Way of Living a Happier, Healthier Life

Less Screens, More Green

It's proven that our smartphones contribute to poor mental health. Contrarily, time in nature reduces anxiety and stress.

Environment > Willpower

Healthy habits, healthy life. But habit building requires more than willpower alone. Set up your environment so that health is a natural byproduct.

Move Well, Move More

Rather than simple trying to get a beach bod, focus on holistic movement. Having a capable, fit, athletic, body - that is also beautiful.

How to Optimize Your Environment For Health

Many health problems are due to negative influences in society leading to bad habits. We need a strategy to fight against these things and come out better on the other side.

This strategy, is what we call environment optimization.

Forget using willpower alone (which, let's be honest doesn't work). Instead, you can set up the world around you so that your only choice is health.

What are some examples? Limiting your access to unhealthy foods by getting rid of them from your house. Setting up app-blockers on social media to limit your phone usage. Having accountability partners for things like workouts, making it harder to skip out.

Resources & Articles on Environment Optimization & Habit Building

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Resources & Articles on Digital Minimalism & Primal Experiences

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Practical Ways to Limit Phone Usage

Check out our experiment we did to limit exposure to light, and screens at night

Move More - Move Better

Many of us have fitness goals that mainly involve looking good on the beach. Some of us have goals more orientated around health, movement, and nutrition.

At ikario we say... why not both?

A healthy body - is a fit body, and an attractive body. But our goal is not to look good in the mirror. Primarily, we want to focus on movement & capability. 

Being able to move our body in holistic ways that they were meant to. Getting stronger, healthier, and capable bodies. Which result in a beautiful body

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