Episode #002

How to Get Your Sh*t Together: Physical Health & Fitness

In this episode, we're kicking off the "How To Get Your Sh*t Together" series by talking about the foundation for all other aspects of self-development:

Your physical health. 

As I'm sure you've noticed, the Internet is overflowing with all kinds of health and fitness advice. Ranging from reasonable, well founded advice all the way to whatever the latest, hairbrained fad is that's making its rounds on social media (perineum sunning, anyone?).

High Leverage: How This Series Works

We are starting our podcast with a series we've titled "How to Get Your Sh*t Together". Here's how this will work:

In the series, we will go through the following dimensions of living a better life:

  • Physical - health & fitness.
  • Emotional - trauma, emotional distress, mental health.
  • Mental - mindset, strategic thinking, brain power.
  • Social - friends, family, relationships.
  • Financial - money and wealth generation.
  • Virtue & Meaning - living a life of purpose, deeper fulfillment.

In each episode, we're taking on one of these topics. And in each episode, we will be presenting the top 3 most effective, highest leverage things you can do to get your sh*t together and level up your life in that particular area.

In other words, this won't be a huge braindump of every possible thing you can do. It also won't just be a random assortment of tips. Instead, this is the advice I'd give to anyone about where to get started and where the highest leverage of life improvement lies - and you may be surprised at some of these tools.

In this episode...

We discuss the following points:

  • Why we're starting the podcast with this particular series. Why these dimensions of life and wellbeing are "pillars" of a good life.
  • Why physical health and fitness is the ideal place to start - the effects of health improvement on all other aspects of life (+ Oliver's experience from his personal trainer days).
  • "Get yourself out of the pain zone" in each of the 5 dimensions before you can live a life of virtue and meaning.
  • For most people, an optimal training plan is not optimal. Consistency & movement beat the perfectly programmed workout program.

For most people, an optimal training plan is not optimal. Enjoyable movement & consistency will beat the perfectly programmed workout routine, in practice.

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  • Why it's important to distinguish between "movement" and "exercise". And why most people who are avid exercises are still lacking in movement.
  • Should you use an activity tracker? Does it actually make a difference? Shane's experience.
  • The difference it makes to truly prioritize sleep & make sure you always get enough of it.
  • How many people are operating at 80% or less of their potential - and think that's 100%? How much more could you be capable of, with relatively minor lifestyle tweaks?
  • Nutrition is a complicated and much debated subject. Could there really be one simple thing you can do to level up your health with nutrition, no matter what your current situation is? Yes. And it requires a blender (see below).
  • Why intermittent fasting (like 16:8) may be overrated, but having a fasting window of at least 13 hours actually has a huge, positive health impact.
  • The "displacement" method for improving your diet, which is infinitely easier than the "deprivation" approach most people use.

“Sleep loss will leak down into every nook and cranny of your physiology. Sleep, unfortunately, is not an optional lifestyle luxury. Sleep is a nonnegotiable biological necessity. It is your life support system.”

- Matthew Walker

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Over to You

We hope you enjoyed this episode! Which of the 3 tips will you try first? Do you have any feedback or questions? Leave a comment below or leave a voice message on this page (click the "+Message" button).

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Shane Melaugh

About the author

Shane is a serial entrepreneur with a long-standing obsession for personal development and life optimization. He has a habit of buying more books than he can ever read. During his childhood his worldview was significantly influenced by Jackie Chan movies, the Vorkosigan Saga and the writings of Miyamoto Musashi.

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