Data-Driven Brand Building – A Low Risk, High Reward Strategy

Abhi Chand
May 24, 2023

Last week, I shared the results from my message testing and rapid idea validation.

You guys asked me some really good questions!

As we speak, I am creating a workshop where I will show you how to do Rapid Idea Validation, step-by-step.

The best part about this process is that for like $50-$100 you can save yourself months (if not years!) of time doing the wrong things.

That’s why I love validating ideas.

To make this workshop extremely valuable for you…

…can you do me a quick favor and answer the following question:

What is your biggest struggle with building your brand right now?

Just let me know in the comments below.

Would love your help in making this workshop awesome! 🙂

Alright, with that out of the way, I have some exciting things to show you today.

The Data-Driven Brand Building Strategy

Here’s the full 4-phase overview.

Here’s how all of this is supposed to play out:

  1. Rapid Idea Validation — We find messages that resonate with your target audience.
    1. Purpose: To save you from grinding away and creating content that doesn’t work.
  2. Create Shorts — Here we use the Proven Messages from Phase 1 to Create Short form content.
    1. Purpose: To grow a following fast and validate video ideas.
    2. The shorts that take off are good candidates for long videos.
    3. This also saves you from creating long form content that doesn’t work.
  3. Build Your Brand — Use the Winning Shorts from Phase 2 to create long form content.
    1. Purpose: Build your YouTube channel.
    2. YouTube is still the best platform for creating a stable online presence… but it is incredible difficult to reach an escape velocity where the channel starts taking off.
    3. Our goal is to minimize the time it takes to launch a YouTube channel.
  4. Buy Yacht 😉 aka Monetize your channels
    1. Purpose: To monetize the audience you have created.

Last week I showed you my results from doing Phase 1.

Today, I’m going to give a more detailed breakdown of what goes into Rapid Idea Validation.

Let’s begin.

Phase 1: Rapid Idea Validation

There are 3 steps.

Step 1: Brainstorm 15 messages (in total) across 3 themes.

I recommend starting small.

Pick 3 themes.

Example themes:

  1. Problem-oriented
  2. Solution-oriented
  3. Celebrity-oriented

And brainstorm 5 messages per theme.

Here’s my example from a couple weeks ago:

  • I don’t know what it means to be a good man. (Problem-oriented)
  • 3 Steps to being a good man in today’s world. (Solution-oriented)
  • Jordan Peterson’s 3 tips to being a good man in today’s world. (Celebrity-oriented)

In your case, brainstorm 5 messages per theme before moving on to Step 2.

Step 2: Run Ads to Target Market.

Here’s the overview of this step.

I use Facebook Ads to do this.

If you want to run this process on another ad platform, just modify this process to it.

The Process:

1. Create a New Campaign with the objective set to Traffic.

This is what it looks like in FB Ads:

2. Create 1 Ad Set with the following settings:

Budget: $25-$50 / day


  • 2 Layers of interest-based targeting
  • Audience Size: 3-5 million people
  • Advantage Detailed Targeting: OFF!
    • This is FB’s way of feeding you a junk audience to waste your money. Have this OFF at all costs.

3. Create Ads:

A. Create visually striking ads with your message in the middle.

Example of my ads:

I use Canva to create this 2-colored block.

Then I create multiple versions of these with all my messages.

You can use any colors you like.

Just make sure they’re 2 different colors.

The purpose of these colors is to be eye-catching and get someone to read your message.

If someone clicks on your link from this ad, that’s a +1 for this specific message.

B. You will have 15 different ads — 1 per message you’re testing.

For each ad, keep the same description, headline, link, etc.

The only thing different in all the ads is the message in your picture.

This is your variable.

This way, you know for sure that it is the message in your ad that got your target audience to click your link, not anything else.

Here’s what my ads look like:

ALL of these settings are the exact same for all of my ads.

The only difference is the message in the image.

C. Let these ads run for a couple days.

Create a rule that turns off your your ads once they’ve reached 400 impressions.

That’s enough impressions to tell the effectiveness of the message.

Any more than that and you’re just wasting money.

The goal is to find messages that produce clicks for a cost of less than $0.50.

Those messages are gold!

Here’s what my test results look like:

I tested a lot of QbH messages with my Strong Finisher and Better Man brand as well.

That’s why you’re seeing the QbH messages there.

After we’ve run our ads, we move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Analyze Results.

This is where I use my spreadsheets to find my best messages.

Here’s what my spreadsheet looks like:

This here is the results of my Strong Finisher messages

I am showing you the themes where I had a variety of results in my messages.

  1. CPC < $0.50 -> These are all GOLD messages
  2. CPC <$1 -> These are worth testing but after all the winners
  3. CPC >$1 -> These bombed
  4. CPC = $3 -> I manually set this value, in reality nobody clicked on these messages. These messages are complete duds.

If you look at the bottom of the screenshot, you will see multiple tabs.

Each of those tabs has a breakdown of the message testing results for that brand.

The results you’re seeing in this screenshot are sorted from best to worst.

That’s the order that I will use for my shorts.

Once we have all this information, we move on to Phase 2 of the Data-Driven Brand Building Strategy.

Phase 2: Create Shorts

In this phase, we are using everything we learned from Phase 1 to start creating short form content.

We will be uploading to TikTok to test our short form content.

The reason is that TikTok’s algorithm heavily favors content creation regardless of your audience size.

In my experience, you are guaranteed around 200 views per video.

YouTube doesn’t do that.

YouTube makes you grind it out.

My Own Results

So far I’ve recorded a few shorts using the results from my Phase 1 Message Testing…

…and here are the results.

Be A Strong Finisher

I was getting 200 views per video on average…

Which just means that my videos were being shown to people but nobody was watching them enough for TikTok to consider pushing them to more people.

Yesterday, I uploaded a new video titled “Distracted??” and it got 630 views!

3X my regular content!

And here is a new channel I created yesterday:

Integrated Masculine Man.

This is the channel I’m going to use to do my Better Man / Masculinity content.

The first video I posted got 700+ views.

This doesn’t mean much right now but let’s see what happens after 30 videos.

Current Conclusion

Obviously, there is no guarantee of success in anything we do…

…but I trust the data to guide me.

My main goal in anything I do is to always reduce the guesswork.

That’s why this brand building strategy is entirely data-driven!

Now that you have seen this detailed breakdown of the Rapid Idea Validation process…

…what questions do you have that you would want me to cover in the workshop?

Please let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to answer them all 🙂

Thank you for your time.

Please let me know how your own testing is going 🙂



Abhi Chand

About the author

Abhi is super passionate about business and marketing. He loves hitting the gym and working out while also being a bit of a nerd. But the best thing he likes to do is help people win big!

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    Wow… This is rich content as always, I have been away for awhile, but this got my attention well done man!

    Wondering if you mind sharing the exact excel sheet template with me? I think I will find it really useful at this point.

    • Thank you Michael, appreciate your kind words.

      Yes, I will share my spreadsheet in the upcoming workshop. Gotta join for it 😉

      What questions would you like me to answer on it?

  • says:

    Some Questions for the Workshop:

    1. (A bit more depth on) How do you create the Topics for the Ads to test? Is it use the 3 containers (problem/solution/celebrity) and brainstorm any ideas that come to mind?

    2. What’s your Writing / Content Creation Process? What to add? What to cut? When to know “you have it”? This coming from the perspective of “I don’t know what good reel constitutes of” or “what to keep vs what to discard”

    3. How to stop overthinking and keeping things simple? -> What to focus on?

    777. THIS IS MY TRUE REQUEST: Can you share more about Shane’s Bento Box Thinking for creating content and clearer communication? (Only piece of content I’ve ever found on that topic is that Podcast)

    • Hi Joeh, thank you for your questions man! Looking forward to seeing you on the workshop and helping you there 😉

      For Shane’s bento box stuff, you’re going to have to ask him man. I don’t know much about it.

    • Karen McCamy says:

      Hi Joeh,

      I’m also a fan of Shane’s “Bento Box Thinking” model!

      I thought I might have archived something beyond the podcast, but I guess I was recalling lessons in Thrive Themes’ Course Craft… I did have a reference in those lesson notes, but nothing additional archived.

      There is a summary of sorts on the podcast page here:

      I’m including it because I’m not sure if you’ve seen that page or only accessed the podcast on some podcasting service…

      BTW, I actually created a bento Box template (in Evernote) ages ago based on his information in. Podcast! I’m happy to send it to you if you think it would be useful… Also happy to discuss if you have any questions…

  • says:

    Hi Abhi, I hate video. So this is a real struggle to get over it. Even if it is my screen recorded with my voice. Just do not have my skills in place. But I be brave and just do it. 😎

    • What’s the fear? Not being good enough? Being judged by others? Fear of making a mistake?

      I’m curious how I can help 🙂

  • Thanks Abhi,

    also for the detailed screenshots. What about the things from your last post?

    Here’s what I’m going to do next:
    Create 3-5 hooks per winning message
    Write a short script per each winning message
    Record + Edit videos

    The Script from the winning messages is the „primary text“ in each ad?

    Other question, you spend 20-50$ per ad. What is with the people who are landet on the website? What are they seeing? Are you create a landingpage for the peoples?


    • Hey Daniel,

      Man I LOVE that you asked me this! Thank you!

      I did create scripts from my messages. And then I recorded a few shorts. I am currently recording, editing and uploading them.

      Yes, the primary text — the message IN the actual ad image — is what I use to create the script.

      The budget is $20-50 for the ENTIRE thing… not per ad!

      I regularly test 100-150 ads at a time for about $200 total.

      It is NOT per ad. Just wanna make that clear before you spend a ton of money for no reason.

      For the landing page, I just use any landing page on our website. For now, I’m not concerned with capturing leads… I am only concerned with getting clicks. That’s the most important part.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.


      • I think we might be able to just lead people to a Google form? Since capturing leads is not essential at this stage, we also don’t want to spend time creating a landing page, getting domain etc. Just lead people to a Google form saying something like we are creating more content soon. Leave your name and email and question if you wanted. Or just put a link to the social media profile, like if you’re going to publish to Tik Tok just use that even if it has no content. I think that should work?

        • That’s a great idea! I completely agree about saving time and not creating Landing Pages, etc. at this point. But having something simple “sign up if you want more” is a good idea.

  • My biggest struggle is my inner critic

    • Me too Deb! Me too. It takes time but it is possible to overcome it. Lemme know if you want help with how.

  • Karen McCamy says:

    Hi Abhi,

    Wow! Lots of comments on this! I’ve been meaning to comment, but I have soooo much to ask… (rolling eyes)

    THEMES: You have 3 themes; “celebrity” does not apply for me. Should I just go with 2 themes (the others both make sense for my niche), and divide the “messages” between the 2 themes? (Di I need a 3rd theme for some reason I can’t see at this point?)

    ADS: This is my first real “breakdown” as I have NO idea how to do this! What you’ve shown is fine, but is simply not sufficient as I have no experience with any ads…ever!

    ANALYSIS: 2nd major “breakdown” since I have ZERO experience with CPC… I’m completely confused about how to even read the spreadsheet (I’ve tried!) and I don’t understand how the $ amount for CPC is even calculated? :-O

    PHASE 2: As I mentioned in an earlier comment (prior post), my demographic is NOT going to be on TikTok (but everyone is on YouTube at some point…right?! ;p) I sincerely believe that even *starting* on TikTok will destroy my credibility as a legit tech trainer!

    So I’m wondering if this entire process is simply a no-go for me with my specific niche…or it there are alternatives to using TikTok…?

    ETHICS: (I can see you rolling your eyes on this one! 😉 LoL!) I have ethics issues with creating ads simply for my own “data collection” without delivering *something* to those who take the time to click on an ad… It seems responders should get something for their trouble… :-/

    I agree in principle with “data-driven” results, but it seems there s/b some sort of reciprocity for those who click…

    Is there any hope for me using this process? (jk! 😉 )

    As always, thanks for the work you’re doing, and especially for sharing your entire process with us!

    Looking forward to your workshop! <3

  • Karen McCamy says:

    Hi Abhi,

    I thought of some more questions (don’t mean to dominate this space! :-o) for the workshop…

    It’s not useful to start a ‘new’ brand for me… I want to increase brand awareness in my existing niche…

    As you know — from helping me in the last F&A course — I have 4 main topics in my niche. So I’m wondering if this process could be used to determine which topic is the most resonant with my (small) audience…

    OR…should I limit my messages to a single topic?

    FYI: The former is way more useful at this point in my data-gathering…

    Thanks, again! <3

    • Hi Karen,

      I read over both your comments. My main question to you would be: why are you doing this testing?

      What is your purpose here?

      From what I remember, you are already familiar with what your audience wants.

      In that case, you don’t need to test it again.

      That’s what I would encourage to identify.

      What would be the purpose for you?

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