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Stop Procrastinating: the Crash Course

4 Lessons


TOPIC: Productivity

Learn the unconvonventional but highly effective method for solving the root cause of procrastination.

Class Overview

The First Thing to Stop Procrastinating On

The first thing you need to stop putting off... is solving your procrastination problem! So let's start with that.

The 2 Truths About Procrastination

Unless you understand the real problem, you can never solve it. In this lesson, we reveal the 2 critical truths about why you procrastinate (and you'll discover why other solutions you've tried don't work).

The Action Formula

Follow this simple formula to make taking action easier (and more compelling) than procrastinating.

Going Deeper: The Root Cause

You already have what you need to stop procrastinating in the moment, but what about the real, underlying causes? Here's what you need, to not fall back into "I'll do it later" mode.

About the Teacher

Shane Melaugh

Shane is a serial entrepreneur with a long-standing obsession for personal development and life optimization. He has a habit of buying more books than he can ever read. During his childhood his worldview was significantly influenced by Jackie Chan movies, the Vorkosigan Saga and the writings of Miyamoto Musashi.

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