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21 Days to Crush Procrastination

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Crush procrastination and take control of your life!

Class Overview

The Challenge

This is your guided journey through the 21 Days to Crush Procrastination experience.

Welcome to 21 Days to Crush Procrastination

Welcome to this challenge! Here's how this journey will unfold...

Day 0: Implementation Intention

We're starting off with a simple but powerful, evidence-based exercise. This exercise helps you prep for the 21 days to come.

Day 1: The Thing

Procrastination is doing something else instead of "doing the thing". You know, the thing you were supposed to be doing. Today, we define "the thing".

Day 2: A Taste of Freedom

Today is an experiment that brings a new perspective on one of the most common sources for distraction and procrastination.

Day 3: Deeper Awareness

This challenge is about gaining a deeper awareness of our own procrastination behavior and its roots.

Day 4: Forgiveness

Today, we're implementing the surpising findings from a study on the effect of self-forgiveness on procrastination.

Day 5: Break it Down

Whenever a task feels overwhelming and you feel resistance to getting started, do this.

Day 6: Urge Surfing

The better you are at surfing the urge, the more freedom of choice you have in your life...

Day 7: The 10 Minute Rule

Today, we're going to implement a simple but powerful rule...

Day 8: Music

Today's challenge looks deceptively simple, but don't underestimate it!

Day 9: Fear vs. Regret

This is an exercise to uncover some irrational parts of our minds, that lead to procrastination.

Day 10: Break it Down, Part 2

We've looked at starting rituals, now let's discover another way in which "breaking it down" can help beat procrastination.

Day 11: A Deep Conversation

One of the greatest ways to spend deeply focused, fully engaged time...

Day 12: Catch it in the Moment

This challenge will raise your awareness and bring you from unconscious reaction to deliberate action.

Day 13: A Walk in Nature

A simple challenge that may be more profound than it first seems.

Day 14: The Ultimate Anti-FOMO Experience

If you often feel like you just don't have enough time, today's challenge will give you an entirely new perspective.

Day 15: Track Everything

Today, we're doing a time tracking and single tasking experiment that I discovered by accident years ago - with surprising results!

Day 16: 5 Days of Freedom

It's time to give your mind a well deserved vacation...

Day 17: A Mindful Meal

Today's challenge is a delicious awareness exercise...

Day 18: The Time Hop

Today, we're doing some more "anti-temporal-discounting" practice.

Day 19: The 2 Minute Rule

The 2 minute rule is as simple as it is short. Today, you'll be practicing it.

Day 20: The Toolset

Over these last 3 weeks, you've acquired a whole set of new tools. Today, you put them to use.

Day 21: Reflection

To close off this challenge, this final exercise helps you solidify what you learnt and form and reflect on your experience in the most constructive way possible.

Bonus Content

Here, we take a deeper dive into some of the aspects behind the challenges & answer your questions.

Self Forgiveness: Why it Works & How to Do It

The Day 4 challenge is about forgiving oneself. As it turns out, this is something many people struggle with.

Procrastination, Life Quality & The Attention Economy

Until you understand the basic mechanisms of the attention economy, a lot of your own behavior will remain a mystery to you...

Hard vs. Soft Approaches to Overcoming Procrastination

On the pros and cons of living with a drill sargeant in your head...

How to Keep Crushing it After the Challenge is Over

You've done the 21 days and now you want to keep being a non-procrastinator: here's more on how to best do that.

About the Teacher

Shane Melaugh

Shane is a serial entrepreneur with a long-standing obsession for personal development and life optimization. He has a habit of buying more books than he can ever read. During his childhood his worldview was significantly influenced by Jackie Chan movies, the Vorkosigan Saga and the writings of Miyamoto Musashi.

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