Life Changing Tips to Help You Accomplish Your #1 Goal

Tim J
December 6, 2020

In perspective drawing classes they teach you to draw a straight line on a piece of paper between two points at opposite ends. The challenge is that you can’t use a ruler. 

If you look at the first dot (and or your pencil) while you draw the line, you will not draw a straight line.

However, if you put your pencil tip on the first dot, then, look at the second as you draw the line - you will draw a remarkable straight line (give it a try).

In life you have location ‘A’ where you are at now, and location ‘B’ where you want to go. In this post I’m going to share how you can arrive at your location 'B' destination in as straight a line as possible.

A Journey Begins When You Realize Where You're Going

I still can’t believe that a ‘salesy’ YouTube ad is what lit the fire under my ass to pursue a career as a content-creator and entrepreneur. 

It’s not a glamorous start, but there’s no going back to rewrite the story. That’s what happened…

It was the summer of 2018. I was working as a metal fabricator, building container homes. I definitely wasn’t thinking about making videos or becoming an entrepreneur. Those ideas didn’t exist in my conscious mind.

But then, one hot and sweaty afternoon, everything changed. I was back at home minding my own business. When a YouTube ad came across my screen. And the jackass in the ad said “you can make a living as a YouTuber”. And I thought to myself “f*ck that guy, he doesn’t know me, he doesn’t know my situation, he doesn’t know how hard I’m struggling to get by and raise my family.”

Luckily, my hesitation was followed by a lightbulb moment. A switch was turned on and I could instantly see a path. To connect this experience with my drawing example from earlier; I could see where I was (my point ‘A’) and for the first time I could see point ‘B’ (where I wanted to go). 

On that day I had a vision for my work-life and I’ve pursued it ever since. Unfortunately, there was a problem. I soon found out that I didn’t know how to get there in a straight line.

Priority Is Key

Instead of having a #1 goal I developed many goals. And to manage those goals I bought courses, I read books, I created spreadsheets, I purchased equipment, I joined groups, I did researched, I took part in an apprenticeship, then a mentorship, I talked to people and I built webpages and I did ever single thing I could think of EXCEPT…

I didn’t focus on making videos. 

Just the opposite in fact. I'd constantly talk myself out of making videos. I told myself that everything else was more important. 

Looking back now, I know that was the wrong approach. I didn’t look ahead at my goal.  So I couldn’t figure out the best steps to take to move forward. I knew my point 'A', and I could see my point 'B' but I couldn't there in a straight line.

Earlier this year Shane Melaugh introduced me to this idea that has changed everything for me: 

Prioritize work that moves you towards your #1 goal.

It's that simple. And when I started to implement this idea, everything changed for me. 

Here's the deal...

If you want to become a better writer then develop a strategy to practice writing consistently. If you want to become a world class blogger, vlogger, or camera operator then prioritize work that will help you strategically improve those skills. 

And the same things goes for any work you can think of, whether you're a content creator, a knowledge worker, or entrepreneur.

No matter what your niche - do work that moves you towards your goal.  

But Wait, There's More

Drawing a line on a piece of paper is one thing, but moving forward with your life and accomplishing your most important goal is entirely different.

In order to make progress you'll have to face challenges. That's why it's important to work on projects that have real meaning for you. I choose to pursue video content creation because I like doing the work. For me it’s fun to make videos. And when things get difficult I can keep moving forward because I enjoy the work, I enjoy the process. 

If you prioritize work that moves you towards your #1 goal, and enjoy the process even when things get difficult. You will succeed. 

Plus, that type of success is very satisfying.


Thanks for checking out this post. Please, let me know in the comments down below:

What's your most important goal?
Do you enjoy working towards it, why?

Tim J

About the author

He's a video content creator who loves a good adventure. He's been studying storytelling for the last three years and hopes to help take ikario content to the next level.

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  • Dude your videos are getting so great!!!
    Great editing too.
    Keep them coming!

    • Thanks Mike. I appreciate the compliment.

  • Jenny Yoon says:

    My most important goal is helping clients be healthy fast without completely giving up their favourite foods.

    I love the process of discovering the underlying causes of their illnesses and seeing their excitements when they experience improvements much faster than they expected.

    Your video is so lively and engaging, Tim. Thanks for running the accountability group!

    • It sounds like a very fulfilling path that you are on Jenny.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  • Researching how to be good as a content creator has been FUN! Hahahahahahaha…
    Nah, I’ll go and write something now…

    love alwaz

    • Cheers Mike

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