“I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars since MGSD”

Abhi Chand
July 14, 2023

What do Winners do Differently?

I recently sat down with a former client of ours and the guy left me stunned!

“Abhi, I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last couple years since MGSD.”

“My business has never done less than $6-10K per month since then!”


That’s wtf that program was about.

Men. Getting. Shit. Done.


That’s, honestly, wtf any of this is really about.

At ikario, we want to see you win.


Plain and simple.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and have had the pleasure of working with several dozen — if not upwards of 100 people — in person.

Whether that’s through 1-on-1 coaching or group coaching programs.

Here’s what I found that separates the Winners from the rest of the pack.

1. The Winners Also Feel The Fear…

…but it never stops them.

I remember working with completely badass women that were afraid of things not working out.

Afraid of being on camera.

“Abhi, I’ve never done this before!”

Second-guessing and doubting themselves.

But guess what…?

They created their course.

Their brand.

Their physical products company.

They dominated despite the fears that hold other people back.

And on the other hand… I’ve also worked with people who seem to have it all figured out.

Who know all the right buzzwords.

The right catchphrases.

They know what to say… but they don’t do shit.


Actually, no.

I won’t apologize for my language.

These people are still where they were when we met.

Bullshitting me.


And everyone in between.

It’s usually the guys (and gals) with the “grandest visions” that lack action.

And the guys and gals that focus on taking action are usually…

Making it up as they go along.

That’s the second lesson from our winners.

2. There is No Perfect Plan…

And you’re gonna have to make it up as you go along.

In focus&action, we teach the Uncertainty Adjusted Timeline.

All it really means is this:

The further out you look in the future, the less clear it is what you need to do.

And the closer you look, the clearer it becomes what needs to get done.

It is the concept of uncertainty applied to time.

It’s probably pretty obvious what you need to do in your work today.

Perhaps, even this week.

But if I was to ask you: what should be the task to focus on 8 weeks from now?

You would probably have a hard time answering that question.

As an analogy, this part of the journey is like playing a video game.

The further you keep walking, the more the game renders the world.

We can only really see what’s in front of us.

The rest becomes clearer, the closer we get to it.

Perfectionism — the concept of having the perfect plan before you execute…

...is complete bullshit.

It’s usually people stroking their massive egos.

That’s when you hear dumb things like:

“My biggest weakness is that I am a perfectionist.”

GTFO of here with that BS.

Literally everyone that I have seen level up massively only had a rough plan of where they wanted to go.

And they adjusted along the way.

And not everything they did worked out.

So they learned from it. Adjusted. And kept going.

That’s the third lesson.

3. Learn from Mistakes and Move Forward

Nobody wants to make mistakes.

We all want to be as aerodynamic as possible…

…and get to our goals as quickly as we can.

Sadly, for most of us, this is not a reality.

What reality really looks like is a TON of mistakes.

A TON of second-guessing.

Wondering what's the best action to take.

And a LOT of time spent not taking action.

Call it what you want:

Fear of failure.

Fear of making mistakes.

Fear of success.

Fear of [insert the new trending keyword].

Ultimately, what it boils down to is wanting to avoid making mistakes.

And that’s just not reality.

Here’s the worst part about it:

The mistakes that we fear the most are the rookie mistakes.

The things that are unavoidable.

But are also the things that we feel most embarrassed about.

And our “haters” remind us of these mistakes all the time.

It’s easy to say “eff the haters” but hard to put in practice.

And that’s where the final lesson from our winners comes from:

4. Surround Yourself With Likeminded People

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

— Jim Rohn

We all know this.

But we feel obligated to the people from our past.

The people we grew up with.

Our “friends”.

The truth is: if someone isn’t supporting you and your goals…

…they are a negative influence in your life.


Even if they’re neutral about your goals.

That still means they're negative.

Because the thing you are trying to accomplish is so fucking hard…

…you need every bit of support you can get.

And if you have people in your life that are reminding you of your mistakes.

Reminding you of your “lack of success”.

You need to cut these people off immediately.

Most likely they are jealous of you.

And fear that you’re going to get ahead in life.

They can’t match your work ethic.

Or don’t have the balls to go for what they want — like you.

So their best option becomes to do whatever they can to hold you back.

Cut these people out of your lives.


The Point Really is This

The guaranteed path to failure is: not taking any action.

And the path towards potential success... still leads thorough failure.


Failure is unavoidable.

The people that win.

That I have personally seen win.

All go through the same emotions.

The same doubts.



That you and I go through.

The only difference is:

They do it anyway.

That’s what I want to leave you with this Friday.

Do it anyway.

The only way to lose is to not even try.



PS. I look forward to the day you and I sit down and chat. And you tell me all about how you've levelled up and made big things happen in your life.

PPS. I always get emotional when I think about this.

I am so grateful for people like you.

Thank you for actually doing the work and making something happen in real life.

You are awesome!

Abhi Chand

About the author

Abhi is super passionate about business and marketing. He loves hitting the gym and working out while also being a bit of a nerd. But the best thing he likes to do is help people win big!

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