How to make $250K with Integrity (Case Study)

Abhi Chand
March 15, 2023

From: Sunny Georgetown, Guyana

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Date / Time: Mar. 14, 2023 1:05PM

Last week I shared with you the biggest lesson I learned from Shane — my millionaire mentor.

Spoiler: it was integrity.

Integrity in being, saying, and doing.

A complete alignment in thoughts, words, and actions.

Or in other words: do what you say or don’t say it at all.

And I also promised you that I was going to tell you what I learned from watching Shane do his $250K+ product launch during the midst of the pandemic in 2020.

I am here to fulfil that promise today.

Trust me, this is good.

The main thing I want you to pay attention to — and the main thing that I realized over the years — is that the way things work is really…


It’s weird.

Kinda like the old saying from Dale Carnegie, "to be interest-ing, you have to be interest-ed.”

What that means is if you want people to like you, you have to be more interested in them and what they have to say.

And because you take in interest in them, they end up liking YOU!

Told you.

It's counterintuitive.

This is really the key here.

I just revealed the biggest trick to it all in this last paragraph.

Let me spell it out for you in case there’s any confusion:

The key to receiving in life… is giving.

And those who give the most, receive the most.

I have found this to be true across all domains of life.

Happiness, love, success, wealth… you name it, it’s there.

Anytime you see someone who “receives” the most [insert something], stop and pay attention to what that person is giving.

Really pay attention to it.

Because if you do, you’ll unravel that person’s "secret to success" right there.

There's really no “hidden secret” to it (aside from the one I just told you, I guess lol).

Tony Robbins sums this up the best way: Success leaves clues.”

Here are the clues I found in that $250K launch I told you about.

It didn’t matter what Shane was going to sell…

There was an army of people ready to buy it.

Yes, without knowing the price.

Without knowing the product.

Without knowing anything except for the fact that…

If Shane’s selling something, it will undoubtedly help me.

I’m not saying this to discourage you, I’m saying this to highlight to you what it takes to achieve THAT kind of success.

Take a moment here and answer this question for me: why do you think people thought this way?

I would assume that at least $100-$150K of the sales from that product launch must’ve been people who thought this way.

Yes, they’re “raving fans” but what else?

Why do they think / feel this way about Shane?

Is it trust?

Is it integrity?

Is it belief in Shane?

Is it because he rocks the bald look like a boss? 😂

I’ll give you one more second to think about it before I tell you my answer…


Don’t peak ahead!

Ok fine, I’ll tell you now.

My answer is:


It’s Shane’s reputation that had people lined up to throw their hard earned money at him.

Just for context, I’ve already revealed to you that this product launch generated $250K in the middle of a pandemic

…and I told you last week that this wasn’t the original revenue target.

The original target was actually DOUBLE this amount.

Even though he hit half his original target, that's still numbers most people will never see!

What kind of fanbase must you have to generate $250K when the world around you is seemingly collapsing?

Answer: a freaking awesome one!

Just expressing some gratitude for those people 😇

Back to the important stuff…

How do YOU do a product launch that makes upwards of $250K?

I have 2 answers for you.

The first answer is the technical, step-by-step, literal playbook.

And the second one is the what I learned from watching Shane “do his thing” over the years.

Which one would you like to hear first?

The step-by-step answer? Sure.

As a matter of fact, the fantastic news is: this answer is super easy.

Buy Jeff Walker’s book: Launch.

He shares what he calls PLF -  Product Launch Formula.

The guy is THE Man who wrote the playbook for product launches.

And the internet has never strayed from his blueprint for doing door-crasher product launches online.

He’s the real deal and made many a millionaires through his book. I have no doubt about it.

BUT… if you remember from earlier:

the way things work is really… counterintuitive.

Everyone knows how to do a product launch that can make $250K, $500K, $1M+…

...I just told you about the literal blueprint for doing it.

So then the only question that remains is:

Then why doesn’t everyone do it?

Ahh, now we’re getting somewhere.

This is where the counterintuitive stuff comes in.

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the metaphorical road.

This is where the happening of life meets the “perfect” plan.

This is where experience comes into play.

And this is the second answer I was telling you about earlier.

The one I learned from watching Shane do his thing over the years.

And I’m going to tell you all about it… next week.

I know, I know.

But there’s a reason why I am giving you a week before I reveal it to you.

Well, there are 2: the first one is that I actually have to write it out 😂

But the second reason, and the more important one, is that I want to give you a week to marinate on the things I’ve told you today.

I want you to take a moment to think about:

  • the counterintuitive nature of success
  • the concept of reputation
  • why does reputation create a line up of people a mile long ready to throw money at Shane’s “new product”?
  • especially when they have NO IDEA about what the product actually is
  • and I want you to think about what could the lesson be that I will share with you next week?

Here’s some motivation for you:

This lesson that I will reveal to you next week is literally the reason behind Shane’s success!

What I’m trying to tell you here is that I will share a serious business lesson with you next week…

…but I want you to try and think about what it could be, before I just give you the answer.

I’ll leave you with one more question that should help you figure this out on your own:

What do you have to DO to build reputation?

The answer to the question above is the lesson that I will share with you next week.

Let me know what your answer is in the comments below.

Would love to hear what you think.



PS. I am sharing all the lessons I’ve learned from my millionaire mentor, Shane Melaugh in this blog series.

My goal here is NOT to simply tell you things, and list out a bunch of information.

My goal is to help you understand WHY these lessons are important.

Beyond the “how do I do [XYZ]” surface-level stuff.

Think of me as your fellow student. I attended “the class” you missed and am now sharing my notes with you.

I want the same thing for you that I want for myself: to pass the test that results in business success.

PPS. The picture you saw in the beginning of this post is of a temple that was built in 1846.

It was built by the first East Indian “settlers” in Guyana.

Settlers is code for slaves.

I also visited the place where the original slave ship docked back in 1838.

The ship was called Whitby.

I don’t know how many people were taken from India but 128 of them made it here.

That was how we got West Indians lol.

Fascinating history in this part of the world.

And yes, there’s tons of natural beauty here as well 🙂

See you next week.

Same time. Same place.

Abhi Chand

About the author

Abhi is super passionate about business and marketing. He loves hitting the gym and working out while also being a bit of a nerd. But the best thing he likes to do is help people win big!

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  • giovanni sgaramella says:

    Some say that writing a book is a way to become authoritative, but I don’t think it works like that. As far as I know, Shane hasn’t written any books 😀

    Maybe it’s about personal history? I don’t know.

    When I think about Shane, I remember what I’ve seen with my own eyes over the years: his growth first with imimpact, then ActiveGrowth, ThriveThemes, and now Ikario 😛

    He’s someone who does what he says, and I believe this has helped create a reputation for him.

    I also remember discovering him through a roundup post, and he was also a guest on some podcasts at that time. So, I think this also helps his reputation, i.e., being interviewed.

    But I don’t think this will be the topic of your next article. I think it’s something else.

    • Excellent point! All of these things add to it for sure. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights 🙂

  • says:

    I’d say that having good reputation, would mean that you’re trustworthy.

    And if trust or wondering if you can be helped or not but acquiring a service or a product, I can consider reputation, to be one of the most important things to think about (and probably focus on) when building an offer that converts, right?

    Never thought about it this way, but it does make a lot of sense — if that’s where you’re going with this, of course haha great thoughts Abhi, can’t wait for the answer, next week!

    • Trust is definitely paramount for sure! I think you are absolutely spot on with trust being a major factor in creating converting offers. I believe people make educated buying decisions. So if someone feels like they can’t trust us, why would they consider buying from us? That wouldn’t be a very educated decision, imo at least. And thank you for your positive feedback 🙂

  • Hi Abhi, great post mate. I’m thoroughly enjoying these ‘insider tips’ you’re sharing with us.

    I have Jeff Walker’s book and, together with Shane’s Coursecraft course, it’s a complete guide to selling courses online. What I would like more information on, however, is the setup costs – video hosting, facebook advertising etc.

    I recently proposed a challenge to the iKario team via your suggestions box. The challenge is this: yourself, Dean and Shane each create and sell an online couse from scratch in a niche of your choosing, and vlog the entire process. You could each start with a budget of $500 or whatever you think is reasonable. The winner would be the person who makes the most profit in 6 months, or a year.

    I’m guessing a lot of your audience would be very interested in the results and, importantly, what you learn through the process. Maybe you could monetise the content in some way to make it worth your time?

    Just a thought. Either way, thanks for all your insights!

    • Hey Anthony, thanks man! Glad you’re enjoying these posts. I intend to share everything I have learned and am learning. Thank you for the suggestion. Honestly speaking, there are people far more qualified than us to teach all those subjects. Each one of them is a rabbithole on its own haha. I’ll try my best to share as much useful stuff as I can as I learn more about these.

  • Karen McCamy says:

    Hi Abhi,

    I’m sure you figured I’d weigh in here! 😉

    I wanted to really craft my answer cogently, so figured I’d take my time to think about this…

    I’ve watched Shane from his days publishing content on both the Thrive Themes and ActiveGrowth websites.

    The first thing that comes to mind — in establishing his fan base and reputation — is **personal, hands-on research**. When he “reports” on something (as in publishing an article), it means he has studied it completely and done all the testing and research himself, personally. He designs the research, what to test, what questions to ask, then writes up the results for all to see… This ties in with your point about “giving” freely to his readers and thus creating fans…

    Second, he is no-BS, straight to the point. He is balanced and unbiased in his findings. He reports both the “pros” and the “cons” and is transparent about *why* he asked certain questions or tested which features…

    Third, he always asks for feedback, from existing Thrive customers to his readers…and he listens to “us” to find out what we want…what questions we have…and **then he delivers!** It might be a course, like Course Craft (Thrive Themes product) or the original “focus & action” course (ActiveGrowth product).

    These three factors have all contributed — over time — to creating the reputation he has now. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. He really “put in the work” IMO!

    Of course, there are likely many other things *you* saw “from the inside” watching him work…that we outsiders would not be fortunate to observe. But as someone who has watched digitally (from afar 😉 LoL!), these are my top observations… I’m sure I’ve left some out that I’ll think of “overnight!” 😀

    Looking forward to your perspective in the next article!

    <3 Karen

    • Thank you for your well thought out answer 🙂 You’ve raised excellent points and I think all of them have contributed to the point I will share this week haha! Really appreciate your feedback and input, thank you for sharing! 😀

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