How to Do Weekly & Monthly Reviews

Abhi Chand
July 28, 2023

If you want to continually learn, improve and optimize yourself over time…

…you know you need to be getting better periodically.

That’s where Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly reviews come in.

If you’ve ever worked with me, you already know that I am a HUGE fan of self-optimization on a weekly basis.

Gotta improve week-after-week to hit our goals.

The main way to do this is by doing Weekly and Monthly reviews.

Here’s how I do them + my Notion Templates so you can import them directly in your own Notion.

Weekly Reviews

Click here to get this template and add it to your own Notion.

As you can imagine, the review is fairly simple. I go down my list answering each question.

The first thing on the list is Do Checkin.

A checkin means an Introspective Writing session.

If I feel like I need to do a bit of writing to get to the bottom of something, then I’ll do it as part of my weekly review.

But this is optional.

The rest are simple questions that I answer for myself.

They give me insights on what I’m doing well and how I’d like to improve moving forward.

Lastly, the point Review Schedule is where I look at my calendar and review where my time went this past week.

I personally track every waking hour of my days.

If you don’t, just ignore it.

Monthly Reviews

Click here to get this template and add it to your Notion.

For monthly reviews, I make sure to do a writing session on them in my journal.

Just to let go of anything that I’ve been holding on to, and to explore further what went well and what didn’t.

In this review, I go over my goals for the last month and see how far along I was able to get.

After that, the rest is fairly straightforward.

I do Goal Setting for the upcoming month.

And I review my habits.

In Conclusion

The purpose of these reviews is to ensure that I’m learning the lessons I need to be learning as I go along…

…and to make sure that I’m actively engaged in growing.

In optimizing myself. My performance. And my results.

That’s why these reviews matter.

They’ve been a gamechanger for me.

I know they’ll help you too.



Abhi Chand

About the author

Abhi is super passionate about business and marketing. He loves hitting the gym and working out while also being a bit of a nerd. But the best thing he likes to do is help people win big!

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