Episode #70

The Warrior Attitude

Today's episode is a special one. Abhi and I discuss The Warrior's Attitude and what it means to be strong in service of others.

I believe this is the antidote to all the super soft "snowflake-y" attitude that we've got going on today...

BUT there is a caveat!

I am NOT saying that we should all fight more or be pointlessly aggressive -- that's another form of weakness (we cover that in the episode too), but what I am saying is: level up your personal power.

Bubble-wrapping the world, and making things safer, only creates weaker individuals. 

The solution is to become stronger and more resilient. That's the message I have for you today. 

In this episode you'll find us discussing topics like:

  • What is The Warrior Archetype and how it applies to real life
  • What it means to Make Yourself Stronger in Service of Others
  • How to be unflinching in the face of danger
  • Confronting the Brutal Facts
  • The Warrior Attitude applied to business and entrepreneurship
  • Fake Strength and Weak Followers + the solution to it all
  • How to make hard choices that ensure your own happiness
  • And much more!

Shane Melaugh

About the author

Shane is a serial entrepreneur with a long-standing obsession for personal development and life optimization. He has a habit of buying more books than he can ever read. During his childhood his worldview was significantly influenced by Jackie Chan movies, the Vorkosigan Saga and the writings of Miyamoto Musashi.

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