Episode #067

The Ripple Effects of Living With Integrity

In this episode, Shane and Abhi discuss what it means to live with integrity and why this is a habit that goes way beyond what you probably think.

We start out by looking at some research that shows how one person's actions can have ripple effects that carry far into other people's lives and then show how living with integrity could make you a shining light in other people's lives. And we also look at why it's worth developing integrity, even for purely selfish reasons.

Topics we touch on in this episode include:

  • Abundance and scarcity mindset and how it can be triggered by small actions.
  • What exactly it means to live with integrity.
  • How a single moment can change someone's life trajectory.
  • How to give your words weight.
  • Integrity and deliberate action.
  • Why this way of life is beneficial, but doesn't come naturally.

Shane Melaugh

About the author

Shane is a serial entrepreneur with a long-standing obsession for personal development and life optimization. He has a habit of buying more books than he can ever read. During his childhood his worldview was significantly influenced by Jackie Chan movies, the Vorkosigan Saga and the writings of Miyamoto Musashi.

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