Episode #60

ikario Team’s Biggest Lessons from 2021

Personal development everywhere!

In the ikario team, personal development is not just what we teach, it's whats we do. Our primary goal is to walk the talk and lead by example. Naturally being a team of very different people, each of us has a unique personal development journey. 

In this episode we look at each person's main lesson from 2021 and how it has affected their growth and plans for the year ahead.

Check out the chapters below for more details.

In this episode...

Some of the points covered in today's conversation:

  • 00:00 Intro to lessons from 2021
  • 06:25 Building confidence in oneself
  • 16:00 The cyclical nature of things
  • 21:00 Treating the system
  • 30:31 Physical health goals
  • 33:15 It's complicated: Humility & patience
  • 45:07 Change of attitude towards gym
  • 48:59 Emotional resilience
  • 53:43 Set personal boundaries & responsibilities
  • 58:09 Origin of changes (Ryan & Abhi)

Over to You

We hope you found this episode useful! What brought you the most value? Do you have questions or feedback?

What was your biggest lesson in 2021? Plans for 2022?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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