Episode #57

Crypto: The Problems with Early Adoption

The Crypto Couch...

Crypto is a hot topic. More and more people are starting to ask the question:

Am I missing out on the next big thing?

Well, you might be. It's hard to say, but all evidence points to at-least being informed enough to make your own decision. And once you make your decision (likely to get involved), you will suddenly have more questions than when you started.

Do I buy Bitcoin or Etherium?

Doge or Sheeba? 

For the last while Shane has been helping onboard newbies like myself to the crypto space in the safest way possible. There are a lot of potential mistakes to make.

In this episode, Shane chats with Jonas & myself (both noobies) about the difficulties of being new to crypto currencies.  Also, despite his pro-crypto stance, Shane expresses his frustration with the early adoption issues that are playing out right now.

In this episode...

Some of the points covered in today's conversation:

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