Episode #53

How Improv Unlocks Surprising Lessons for Life & Success

"Expectation is the root of all heartache" - William Shakespeare

When building our relationships and learning to be better communicators, it helps to think outside the box once in a while.

Recently we came across Ben Winter. Ben is an Author, Speaker, Actor, Improvist, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Father, and much much more. He's a man with a very simple yet powerful framework for improving our communication with other people. The expectation framework. 

In a nutshell, it's a simple way of understanding and resolving conflict with other people. He not only discusses it with us but he also provides the framework on his website here.

In addition, episode 53 of the ikario podcast, he discusses how to use the skills acquired through improv to greatly improve the quality of your connections and relationships.

In this episode...

Some of the points covered in today's conversation:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:35 - How Ben came to write a book
  • 03:23 - Parallels with Buddhism & other teachings
  • 07:16 - The expectations flow chart
  • 11:06 - Ben's improv work
  • 16:46 - The rules of improv
  • 22:15 - Being in the present moment
  • 30:02 - What problems does improv solve?
  • 36:40 - Why don't we share our expectations?
  • 40:45 - Where to go to learn more

Links & Resources

Over to You

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Oliver Cowlishaw

About the author

Ollie is an avid pizza connoisseur, accomplished drinker of coffee and lover of soul music. Heavily influenced by Zen & eastern mysticism, his curiosity regarding the human experience is insatiable. Despite having a strong vocabulary, he swears a lot and uses slang phrases ("ollie-isms") that almost nobody understands, not even himself.

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