Episode #021

Radical Goal Achievement: Shane’s Journey To Financial Freedom

How can we reach our goals, in business and in life? What are the most important principles to integrate if we want to be successful?

In this episode, Abhi interviews Shane who reveals the secrets to his success in business and in life. As usual, expect a ton of practical tips and actionable advice.

If you want to be a successful person, this simply is a must-listen.

In this episode...

Some of the points covered in today's conversation:

  • Should you be process or outcome focused?
  • How can you learn to trust the process?
  • Why you should strive to become the opponent who doesn't stop fighting.
  • Shane explains his obsession with martial arts.
  • How Shane personally carries the weight of leadership and responsibility.
  • The danger of only playing "superstar games"
  • What are the signs and signals of having superstar potential?
  • What can happen if you combine consistency with strategy.

Over to You

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