Step 1: Light The Bonfire

Let go of baggage. Clear your mind.
Make peace with the past.

We Need To Release The Brakes.

Imagine you're driving on the highway and have your emergency brake on. 

How fast do you think you'd be going?

Even if you hit the pedal to the metal... the brakes are still on.

Even if you switch to a higher gear... the brakes are still on.

The key to moving faster in this scenario isn't to "try harder"... but it is to let go of something.

In our car example here, that something is the brakes.

Once you release the brakes, you accelerate and begin to move fast again.

That's what we're doing for you in this step of the exercise.

We need to let go of all the baggage that's weighing you down, so you can begin to move fast again.

Action Steps:

  • Do the exercise here in Step 1 - Light The Bonfire
  • Once done, move on to Step 2 - The Engineering Approach below.

What was your biggest takeaway?