Step 2: The Engineering Approach

Let's get rid of your Self-Sabotage
from its root cause.

Systems Produce Outcomes.

It is your job to create the system that produces the outcome you want.

If you get it right, it produces the outcome you want.

If you get it wrong, it doesn't produce the outcome you want.


There are no emotions here. Just pure facts and data.

That's what we're going to use to analyze what happened with the last few goals you didn't hit.

This is part of learning the lessons from your failures, as well. So you can use them and apply them next time you go after a goal.

This is what failing forward looks like.

Follow the line of questioning I gave you in this exercise and you will find the root cause of your self-sabotage.

This is the main failure point in your current system.

We will identify it and make the necessary adjustments to fix up your system.

Good luck.

Action Steps:

  • Do the exercise here in Step 2 - The Engineering Approach
  • Once done, move on to Step 3 - Lighting The Golden Path below.

What was your biggest takeaway?