How to Use Your Time More Effectively

As you've seen in this course so far, the root cause of procrastination is always emotional. And the better you get at addressing those emotions, the easier it is to get started on whatever it is that you want to or need to be doing.

In this context, you'll also immediately understand why the following idea matters so much:

Breaking it Down

One of the best things you can do to become more productive and use your time more effectively is breaking down your goal into milestones and tasks.

This is especially true for big, ambitious goals.

A big, ambitious, distant goal is great, for many reasons. For one, it's more exciting than a little goal. And it's something that can give you direction and a sense of purpose.

BUT... can also be scary. It can be intimidating to have a huge task ahead of you. And you now understand what happens next: scary = negatively emotionally charged. And that makes our monkey brain go "nope!" and find a way to procrastinate.

The solution is to break down the goal into milestones and tasks. In fact, the better you are at breaking a goal down into tiny, manageable chunks, the less you will procrastinate and the easier it is to gain a real sense of momentum and charge through the work ahead of you.

It's a real brain hack!

From Procrastinator to Action Taker

Breaking down your goals isn't only useful for overcoming procrastination. It's also crucial for what comes after you overcome procrastination.

After all, you can get started, get busy... and still end up wasting most of your time.

It's better than being totally stuck, sure. But it's a shame when you make loads of efforts but still don't accomplish much.

Loads of people struggle to reach their goals because they just don't use their time effectively. They don't have clarity about their goals and they don't have a system to manage their work and make sure they make progress on what matters most.

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