Lesson 1
The First Thing to Stop Procrastinating On
Lesson 2
The 2 Truths About Procrastination
Lesson #3
lesson 3
The Procrastinator's Paradox & Self Forgiveness
lesson 4
In-the-Moment Procrastination Fix
lesson 5
How to Use Your Time More Effectively

The First Thing to Stop Procrastinating On

Problem #1 we need to solve: you're procrastinating on solving your procrastination problem...

But I've got good news: there's a simple, effective and science-backed thing you can do, to make your success far more likely.

That thing is called an implementation intention.

An implementation intention is a deliberate, clear statement about what you intend to do and it follows a forumula that looks like this:

When [specific action, time or trigger event] I will [thing you intend to do] because [reason why you choose to do it].

The Most Powerful Personal Change Tool

The tool we'll be using for this lesson and throuought this class is not a to-do list app, it's not a project management system, it's not a special time-blocking calendar... it's something far simpler and far more effective: writing.

Writing can be the most powerful tool for personal change, if you know how to use it.

And all you need for it is pen and paper or any note taking app like Notion, Evernote, Notepad or whatever you prefer.

Your implementation intention is the first thing we'll use writing on. Instead of just thinking about it, take a couple of minutes to write out your intention, as explained in the video.

Action Steps:

Take your preferred writing tool and write out your implementation intention for this class, as described in the video. You don't need to spend more than 2-3 minutes on this.

Then, move to the next lesson!