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  • Turn off the negative voices in your head

Our thoughts can be our biggest enemies. Discover how to finally turn off those negative, critical voices that play in your head on repeat.

  • Take massive action towards your goals

If you could take action toward your dream life, with 0% downside risk, would you? Learn how to get out of your own way, so taking action becomes easy.

  • Enjoy life - the way that you should

When you learn to accept yourself and eliminate neurotic thoughts, life is yours to enjoy. That's true peace!

Are You Tormented by Your Mind?

If you're like most people you've experienced your fair share of suffering from your own mind. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, that little gremlin in the back of your head... the inner critic.

It's always waiting to come out and attack. Never missing an opportunity to point out what's wrong with you. That you aren't successful enough, attractive enough. It says you're not good enough. It tells you you're messing up every chance it can get.

This creates a particularly frustrating type of suffering, because you can't escape your own thoughts. How can you enjoy life when you have this constant criticism in the back of your head? The worst part is it not only drives you crazy... but it affects your performance.

Not where you want to be in life?

Maybe you know what you want to be doing, but always put off taking the first step? In a study on procrastination, they found the root cause was fear. They also found those who forgave themselves procrastinated less.

Interesting, right? But fear of what, exactly?

You might think it's a fear of failure. But actually - it's more like a fear of ourselves. What we really fear is the pain that comes with our own criticism. The anxiety and self-loathing that follow when our minds tell us once again...

"What's wrong with you? You shouldn't have even tried in the first place"

Our Suffering is Self-Inflicted

As much as we have problems in life - most of our suffering is at our own hand. Or better yet - the hand of the inner critic. 

I'm sure you've been there before. You make a mistake at work. Or put off going to the gym. Or look at your life and think "Is this all there is for me?". Your mind starts on a downwards spiral, telling you how terrible you are, how you always screw things up, how you're not far enough in life.

It's not you that's the problem... it's your thinking. You battle with yourself - with your own mind. And no matter how hard you fight, it just leads to more anxiety, more negative self-talk, and more shame. 

Trust me, I've been there. But I also know - it's possible to change.

Now imagine, being at peace with yourself

You wake up in the morning... ah yes. Another day I get to be me! You jump out of bed, get dressed, and think about the day ahead. 

You know there will be challenges - but it doesn't matter. It won't change the way you see yourself. You look forward the day. You're proud to be you. Regardless of what happens, you know you'll be kind and loving toward yourself. 

You're working towards your dreams... You find yourself naturally taking massive action towards your goals. You've started that new business - and it's making progress.

The nervousness is still there (more like excitement). The difference is, there's not this paralyzing anxiety about what happens if I fail? No matter what you know you'll still be there for yourself. So you move forward...

Peace of mind seems impossible in today's day and age... However if you use the right tools and tactics, you can end the battle in your own mind.

If you have a bad relationship with yourself, nothing else matters

We've said that if you can be kinder to yourself, you'll take action more easily, and perform better. But being nicer to yourself is about more than just success... it's about enjoying life.

Imagine for a second that you achieve all the success you want... but you still have a war going on in your mind. How would you feel?

Until you get your mind on your side - it's impossible to enjoy life. Every moment will be tormented by anxiety and self-criticism. 

You can put an end to this. Imagine knowing that no matter what happens - you're 100% at ease with yourself, and your life? That's a level of peace you can only give to yourself. 

The first step to getting there, is to look at the cause of these negative inner voices. 

The War Against Emotions

Most of us are at war with our negative sides. If you think about why, it kind of makes sense. We don't like them. These emotions are not pleasant, so we try to make them go away.

This has created a movement towards "toxic positivity". The notion that you must feel good at all times. There's something wrong with you if you feel anxious, or ashamed, or depressed at times. 

Little do these people know, that this pattern is the cause of their problems. What you resist, persists. And if you try and "do affirmations" or "visualize yourself happy" to escape negativity - you're still resisting your emotions. 

You're betraying yourself. Every time you push against negative emotion, you're further rejecting an aspect of you. 

If you want to find true peace - you must do the opposite. You must learn to listen to what your emotions are trying to tell you. In your shadow, in the areas you least want to look, is where you will find peace. 

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious

- Carl Jung

Truth is the Path to Peace

So you've done all the "self-improvement stuff", right?

  • You've done the meditations, the mantras, the chanting, the "positive self talk"
  • You've read the books, done the courses, listened to the CD's, gone to the seminars?
  • You've done affirmations, positive visualizations, and all the positive law of attraction you can get your hands on... 

But your mind's still in turmoil... so what do you do now? Instead of trying to "get rid of" the negative thoughts and feelings, you start to get curious about them...

Our feelings are the truest representation of what's going on inside us. Instead of trying to change them, you start to listen to them. Almost every time, they represent a part of you that's been "shut out". Something you don't want to look at.

Every time we curse the inner critic, or resist our anxiety, we make it worse. Here's a better approach:

Seek first to understand the truth of what's happening in your mind. Do this with empathy and curiosity. This in and of itself will start to end the war.

If you treat these "negative messages" like valuable resources to find out about yourself - you'll stop resisting them, and they will stop fighting so hard to be heard. 

True inner-peace, starts with self-acceptance. If you can see and accept the negative voices as part of you (with good intentions), you will start to be at peace. Those inner voices will start to become your best friend.

Rather than fighting them, you'll realize they've been trying to help you this whole time. Living a life of purpose and peace is possible for you - but it starts with acknowledging the truth. Are you ready?

Who are Ryan Blankers & Shane Melaugh?

Shane Melaugh overcame hard fought battles with self-loathing and depression, to create the life of his dreams...

Shane was the kid in school who "never gets it". His life has been anything but easy. Through writing, instrospection, and loads of self-development work - he's been able to discover how to rid himself of the negative inner critic. He's now on a mission to help alleviate the suffering of others.

Ryan Blankers

Ryan Blankers spent years studying "positive psychology", law of attraction, self-hypnosis and more... before his breakthrough...

Coming from a past of toxic shame - self-criticism and anxiety were the norm for Ryan. He dove deep into self-help (with little success) until he finally discovered the secret to true change. Self-acceptance work is now at the heart of what he practices and teaches to others.

Both Ryan and Shane have used introspective writing practices to overcome difficult obstacles on the path to success. They have been working at ikario together for over 1 year. This is their first collaborative program - to help you reduce inner criticism, neuroticism, and procrastination. 

21 Days of Guided Writing Exercise Videos

21 Days of Interactive Assignments

Achieve Peace of Mind in Your Daily Life

Training yourself to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions can be difficult. It's even more challenging to change those patterns.

That's why we created this 21 day program. And, the best method we've found to do this? Writing.

Can Something as Simple as Writing Change Your Life?

Taking up a deliberate writing practice can be transformational. It'll create organization in your mind. It'll help you work through difficulties in your daily life. And most importantly it'll help you discover the cause of your inner turmoil and achieve peace of mind. 

Here are some of the introspective writing exercises we use in the program:

Caging the Monkey Mind

This exercise involves writing down all of your jumbling thoughts on paper. Just the act of getting it out in front of you, can help you clear it.

Inner Critic Intervention

This exercise helps you explore the function of your inner critic through a back and forth dialogue. This insightful exercise can help you gain more awareness as to why you think the way you do

Self-Forgiveness & Empathy

If you knew that you were doing your best at all times, would you be so hard on yourself? This writing exercise takes a look at your biggest shortcomings with a more empathetic lens, for a more relieving perspective on your past

Inner Child Healing

 Many times our current thoughts, feelings, and actions, have roots from our childhood. Through writing we address our inner child, heal it's pain, and relive our suffering in the present

Self-Acceptance Escalation

Here we use self-acceptance exercises to "uncover" the areas of ourselves we dislike. We get it out into the open, where we can start to question some of those beliefs.

Fear Busting Procrastination Exercise

Many of us procrastinate due to fear. When we can write about those fears, they seem less scary, more tangible, and have less power over us!

Motivational Mastery Exercise

What if you could "flip a switch", and find tons of motivation and positive emotion around your future? We can do this through writing and positive focus. Finding the "triggers" that associate your small, daily action with your future success.

The Ultimate Writing Tool

As a finale, we give you Shane and Ryan's ultimate writing process for navigating challenging problems and emotions in your day to day life.

Here's how the program is structured:

  • Every Day, you'll do an different introspective writing exercise

These exercises are focused on discovering the cause of your inner turmoil, and understanding it. We focus on self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and practice "inspecting" our minds. This process is meant to release resistance, which in turn will help to dissolve negative thinking patterns. 

  • Each week will have a slightly different focus,

The weeks will have 3 different themes. The goal is to use writing to identify the truth about what's causing your mental and emotional suffering. Each week will include groups of exercises used to identify, understand, and eliminate these thought patterns.

You're not alone - our community's got your back. Not only will you receive access to our 21 day program - but our online community as well. There, you'll share your experiences (as much as you want to) with other members of the program. You'll receive guidance and support from our coaches and other ikario members.

Week 1

Silencing The Noise

The first step to changing our thought patterns is to gain awareness of them. We do this by getting it all out on paper! Several of the first exercises are related to "thought dumping". A process where you write several pages about what is going on in your head.

When you do this, you'll find the anxiousness already begin to dissipate. Just the act of identifying and "freezing" your thoughts on paper, will stop them running a loop in your head all day. 

We also get clear in the first week on exactly what the problems are you're facing. Anxiety? Overwhelm? Shame? Self-loathing?

We define a goal , and create a vision for what your life would be like without these inner voices. 

Week 2

Silencing the Critic

Now we start to dig a bit deeper. To resolve inner conflict, we need to get to the source of it. This is where self acceptance work comes in. We start to observe the inner critic objectively, we see why it criticizes us, and what we don't accept about ourselves.

We utilize many processes to help us ease off this part of our minds, here are a few of them:

  • Conversation with the inner critic. We objectively listen to what the critic has to say, usually it is actually trying to help us
  • Self acceptance escalation. Finding out the ways we don't accept ourselves, is very important. Then we can see these aspects from a new angle.
  • Inner Child Work. Many of our negative patterns stem from moments we were rejected or shamed as children. Inner child work will help uncover and resolve these.
  • Self-Forgiveness. If we can show more empathy for ourselves, we will not be as hard on ourselves. Some think this will hinder performance - studies show the opposite

You'll discover things about yourself that you didn't know. By the end of this week, you'll become more aware of the cause of your inner turmoil.

Week 3

Positive and Negative Polarity

Toxic positivity is not ideal. However, we need to be able to utilize both positive, and negative emotions. Our negative emotions are the gateway to our blocks, to our shadow self, and to freedom from suffering. 

Our positive side helps us to be excited and motivated to create meaningful things in our lives. Without the positive, we'd simply be in bed complaining all day.

In the third week of the program, we show you how to use gratitude writing, as well as positive focus to get you moving towards an exciting future. This is how you destroy procrastination, and start pursuing your big goals in life.

Here's what some of our previous customers have said:


What made the different was that it wasn't just me on my own watching some videos. It was me and several other people, well quite a lot of other people, all in exactly the same situation with slightly different challenges.


I’d like to state two things:
1 – the course is outstanding in both content and delivery

2 – Shane, I think you need to add an extra zero on to the pricing of this course.


Frankly, in the beginning I doubted if the training would be able to teach much after Shane’s free videos. They were already so valuable.
I have now done the first 6 lessons and I must say that this is really valuable!

Lifetime Access to Silence Your Mind!

After you finish the Silence Your Mind 21 day program - you will retain access to all course materials. We will also include you in any re-runs of the course.

Even once the course is complete - we will continue adding new lessons and updating the exercises. 

Our goal is to give you tools to improve your life - that you take with you going forward.

Sign up now for more clarity and peace of mind!

Feedback from previous customers

Mica G 

If this module was the only module in the course, it was already worth everything I paid for.

Thank you, Shane and team! This is a dream come true.


Shane's content quality and teaching style are first-rate, something that I frankly expected, having been exposed to his other products & offerings.

I know I can trust his stuff to be of the highest quality.


Shane has a great teaching style. He's a refreshing change from the ra-ra, adrenaline-fuelled psychopaths who tend to dominate this area. The content is focused and the delivery is clear and to the point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do the exercises take?

You will generally set aside between 10-20 minutes per day for the 21 days. This will give you enough time to properly engage with the exercise without feeling rushed.

Q: How is this different from other writing practices/courses?

Many other writing exercises have you journal extensively about the past, or planning goals for the future. Look - any writing or journalling will be beneficial to some extent.

The different with Silence Your Mind is that the exercises are designed with a specific purpose: to quiet the neurotic voices we all walk around with all day. The goal is to get you to a place of peace, and being at ease with yourself. This will allow you to enjoy life more, and express yourself more authentically through your work, and in your relationships.

Q: What is included when I sign up?

When you sign up you will be sent a welcome e-mail containing next steps.

  1. The video course section will have a new writing exercise video each day. 
  2. Access to the community where you will be able to share and discuss your experiences with the other members of the program.
  3. PDF written documents to complete the exercises with (printable worksheets)

In addition to this core product, you will receive many bonus exercises and lessons that will be added on as the course progresses. You will also receive an exclusive podcast with Ryan and Shane where they discuss their experience using these exercises.

In addition, if we run through the 21 day course again - you will be notified. We have done multiple runs of our other programs in the past, and this is no different.

Q: Should I use digital, or pen & paper?

In this case, either will work. Ryan prefers pen and paper, because he finds it to be a more calming process. Forcing him to slow down and think about what he's writing. Shane prefers digital because it's easier, less messy, and allows him to organize his notes better.

The nitty gritty will be covered - but it's not nearly as important as simply doing the exercises. Use whichever you'd like. 

Q: What if I am unable to start on the date everyone else does, will I miss out?

Although it is recommended to start with everyone else, the program is meant to do on your own. That means if you can't start on the first day everyone else does - don't worry.

You have a couple options:

1. You can double up some exercises on days where you had to miss the prior day

2. You can go at your own pace and still post in the community

3. You can skip some days (life happens) and get back on track

The reality is - we would like you to do the program as prescribed, however if you can't you will still receive a great benefit from doing what you can. 

Sign up now for more peace in your life!