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What does the community offer you?

The ikario community is a place for people to improve their lives, together. We host regular challenges & discussions aimed at forming a group of people who can contribute to each others growth. 

What we don’t want is to offer you a "membership product” that is set by a maximally profitable price. That would be the business thing to do, but for ikario, the community is about purpose rather than business.

On the other hand, we can’t keep hosting an active community at no cost, because this would all come to an end very soon.

So instead, we have a Patreon-style model. In order for ikario to continue doing the work we do, we need financial support. We want to be able to produce valuable content and not have to charge for all of it.

We want to keep ikario 100% ad and sponsorship free. We need to be authentic and truly impactful to our cause, without perversion by sponsor guidelines and pesky advertising.

Why we don't use 
advertising & sponsorships

Outside of our price-tagged products we are striving to maintain a non-transactional relationship with our audience. If you find our content valuable then you can support it to the degree that you find it valuable.

A Patreon-style model keeps our promise in check with regards to the value we deliver. We want to measure our content's demand and effectiveness through real engagement with our audience and not by association with brands.

The message and method in which we want to communicate information may be controlled or become restricted by a sponsor. We want to maintain our freedom to communicate truthfully for the most benefit for our audience.

We aim to deliver a great user-experience, and let's face it, ads get in the way of that.

We have set 2 guideline price tiers to access perks that marginally incentivize our financial security. The membership options should be seen as access to perks and not as a restriction to the content available.

As an ikario member, you are supporting our forward momentum. Of course, you will receive access to perks in return. However, on a primary level, you are joining to fortify the project.

We want to be community funded.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals

I've learned what it takes to become someone that can make things happen for themselves and the people they care about. Now, I want to help as many people as possible do the same. I look forward to you being one of them. My team and I will do everything we can to help you succeed. See you on the inside of our community.