Bali Immersion

Join the ultimate accelerator for your business & personal growth! 1 month in Bali, living, working & training at full intensity - to change the trajectory of your whole year.

Why this is the perfect way to start your year:

The Skill Accelerator for Entrepreneurs

Bali Immersion 2024 in a nutshell: it's you plus a small group of other highly ambitious and growth minded entrepreneurs...

...working, learning and working out together... an environment that is fully optimized for productivity and personal growth...

...and also happens to take place in a beautiful villa in the heart of Ubud, Bali.

Bali Immersion is over 10 years of my experience in helping entrepreneurs grow and succeed, compressed into the most effective delivery format I've ever discovered.

30 Days Dedicated to Leveling Up:



Effortlessly develop your Deep Work skills. During immersion, we dedicate ourselves to setting crystal clear goals. Then, we ensure that time is spent working on the most important, highest leverage tasks, with no time wasted and no distractions.

You'll be amazed at how much progress you make in just 1 month!



Immersion puts you into an environment that is optimized for high intensity and deep rest. We'll be doing movement training and working out together. We'll ensure healthy, delicious & nutrition packed food is available. And you will be living in a circadian optimized way.

Plus, just a pinch of bio hacking sprinkled in, for good measure.



Develop your leadership skills & communication skills through our structured program. And more importantly: by implementing what you learn, day by day.

Immersion will transform the way you show up in the world. This isn't just about technical & tactical "how to" ideas. It's about deep authority.

Immersion is NOT a “Retreat” Away from Work

Retreats can be a powerful learning experience. But they usually come with one big problem: you learn a lot while on retreat, but then you have to return to real life.

So you learned some great leadership skills, you've got all these new ideas for how to improve your business...

But the moment you get back to work, there are fires to put out. Stuff to catch up on.

And before you know it, you're back in the old grind.

Bali Immersion is different in one crucial way: during Immersion, you continue working.

In fact, you'll be doing more deeply focused, high leverage work than ever before! And there's one simple reason for that:

The Best Way to Learn is Implementation

I have seen this over and over again. Both in myself and in the countless people I have trained - in my companies and through my programs.

You can learn the best theory in the world from a book, a course, a keynote speech...

And this kind of learning CAN be valuable. But there's a huge difference between knowing something and actually doing it.

The fastest best type of learning is learning by doing

This is where the focus lies in Immersion. It's 20% theory, 80% hands-on action.

Who (tf) is Shane?

If you aren't familiar with my work, you're rightfully wondering: who the f is this guy to run a retreat like this?

I'm Shane Melaugh, I've been an entrepreneur since 2010 and in that time, I have bootstrapped 2 companies from zero to 7 figures in annual revenue and also founded, co-founded and otherwise been involved in many small scale, high profit ventures.

I developed the focus & action productivity system which I have taught to thousands of students. And I have extensive experience with rapidly developing new teams and helping individuals identify and level up their key skills.

I'm also the founder of Thrive Themes, a tech company that I built without outside funding and successfully exited in 2022.

In short, I created Bali Immersion because this is the kind of work I am best at - and also the kind of work I'm most excited about doing.

Bust Through Your Business’ Growth Plateau

You know Bali Immersion is right for you if you've come to a point in your business where something needs to change for you to grow further.

  • You've experienced a growth spurt in the business, but now it has stalled out.
  • You suddenly have to hire a team or expand your team.
  • You realize that you need a change in strategy because you're getting overwhelmed with work.
  • Your focus has shifted away from the core part of your business (e.g. the product) and towards busywork, admin stuff and putting out fires everywhere.
  • You've enjoyed your success and perhaps spent a bit too much time resting on your laurels.

In other words, you've come to the realization that what got you here won't take you there.

This is one of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur: as your business grows, you keep encountering new challenges. And the same strategies that get you to one level stop working and won't get you to the next one.

Get it Done in One Intensive Sprint

When you reach such an inflection point, it's easy to stay stuck for a long time. It can take a long time to even notice that you're stuck.

A longer time to become willing to let go of your old ways.

And an even longer time to find out exactly what you need to change and how to change it.

Or, you can decide to "rip off the band aid" and get the entire transformation done in one single sprint.

This is exactly the kind of thing Bali Immersion is made for.

It's your opportunity to clearly identify your current obstacles, what to let go of and what to do differently to grow...

...and then implement it with full intensity.

How a Work Immersion Takes You to a New Level

Turn Your 12 Hour Days Into 6 Hour Days

It sounds impossible to the typical, overworked, over-stressed entrepreneur. But you CAN reduce your work hours by a whole lot, while getting more done than before.

  • Implement the focus & action priority system to determine where you need to spend your most productive work hours.
  • Train in the most productive deep work protocol to get maximum (actually useful) productive output in 90 minute blocks at a time.
  • Set crystal clear weekly & daily goals and get accountability to stick to those goals from the entire group.
  • Learn how to apply leverage by delegating, outsourcing, hiring/firing and systematizing.
  • Go from non-stop, high stress work to an average of 3-4.5 hours of deep work + 2-3 hours of lower intensity work per day, while getting at least as much done as before.

Install a New Normal: High Performance, Low Tension

We've all made this mistake: you respond to increased demands with increased tension. Sooner or later, you realize that more tension cannot be the answer...

  • Learn to create the conditions for optimal performance, which happens at low tension and in flow states.
  • Replace 100 "shoulds" in your life with the simple daily process you're experience during Bali Immersion. Work, health and lifestyle optimization are simply baked into the experience.
  • You don't have to worry about the complex balance of intensity & rest periods, lifestyle, sleep & diet optimization and much more. It is all done for you during the work immersion.
  • Bali Immersion takes place over a long enough period that this high performance, low tension way of being becomes your new normal - you'll find it hard to go back to your old ways.
  • In this way, Immersion is the opposite of a course or retreat: instead of presenting you with a bunch of stuff you then have to try and shoehorn into your business and life, it's fully implementation focused from the outset.

Experience the Power of Surrounding Yourself With the Right People

Bali Immersion is not for everyone. And only if you pass the application process will you be invited to join. The result: everyone you meet there is someone worth knowing.

  • Experience the deep transformation that is possible when you surround yourself with ambitious, growth minded people who hold each other to a higher standard.
  • Get feedback from people who know your world and have themselves overcome many challenges on the entrepreneurial path.
  • A big part of success is about who you know and Bali Immersion is a great place to expand your network and uncover new opportunities.
  • Leadership & communication training will lead you into a deep connection with your fellow Immersion members. You will discover the secret of what the Navy SEALS refer to as "dropping in".
  • Discover a truly authentic way to relate to others, form bonds, resolve conflicts and collaborate. These are skills you will carry into your personal & professional world for the rest of your life.

Retreats Are About What You Do - Immersion is About Who You Become

Unlock growth that lies beyond the technical & tactical. The 30 day period allows us to go deeper than just skill growth.

  • True excellence always comes with "something more". Something more than just skills & knowledge. It's the difference between the guy who knows all the great pick-up lines and jokes and the guy who's just effortlessly charming...
  • Bali Immersion is long enough and intense enough that this kind of deeper transformation can take place.
  • Become someone who has great leadership skills... and who leads & inspires by example.
  • Learn the communication skills to get yourself heard and understood... and become someone who exudes authority effortlessly.
  • Learn productivity, workflow optimization and business skills... and become someone who lives and breathes these skills, every day.
  • Show up differently in the world by getting your values, thoughts, actions and lifestyle aligned. You might be surprised at how much of a difference this makes - both inside and out.

Are You Ready for a Deep Transformation?

Bali Immersion is designed to be an accelerator - it's a an experience that gives you months, even years of growth, compressed into just 4 weeks.

This is only possible by going deep.

That means:

  • You WILL leave your comfort zone
  • You WILL be pushed to the edge of your abilities
  • You WILL face difficult challenges
  • You WILL at times feel tired & exhausted
  • You WILL face inner resistance and wrestle with your inner demons
  • You WILL be proud of having gone through with it and delighted with everything you accomplish by the end

If you are ready and willing to grow, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Step In & Step Up: The Group Dynamic

Bali Immersion is a small group experience and this is by design.

Candidates for Bali Immersion will be carefully vetted & selected, because what we are setting out to do is not for everyone.

You are called to step into a group of ambitious, driven and growth minded people who are ready to forge a strong bond with each other.

We create a group dynamic in which everyone holds each other to a high standard, everyone supports each other. And most importantly: we develop the level of trust where we can call each other out on our bullshit.

It's incredibly powerful to know that the people around you have got your back, but also won't shy away from calling you out and dishing out some tough love when it's needed.

In Bali Immersion, the location, the container, the program and the group all align to get the very best out of you.

Reserve Your Spot at Bali Immersion 2024

The first Bali Immersion cohort starts in January 2024. If you want to have the Immersion experience but can't make it to Bali in January, fill out the application form and I'll add you to a waitlist!

The first step is to fill out the application form. Then, we'll get on a call and I'll figure out how to design the perfect experience for you.

Bali Immersion - Leader

  • Luxury Villa
  • 1 Facilitator
  • Business + Leadership Focus




Early bird price:



Only 2 seats left!

Bali Immersion - Custom

  • HUGE Luxury Villa
  • 2 Facilitators
  • Business, Leadership + Social




Early bird price:



Only 5 seats left!


Who is this for? Who is it not for?

Bali Immersion is for you if you are an entrepreneur and you want to take your business & leadership skills to the next level. It's for you if you are growth minded, ambitious and unafraid to do the work needed to grow and level up.

It's NOT for you if you are just starting out on an entrepreneurial path and you're hoping to "learn the secrets" to making money online. If you don't already have a business up and running, you won't be able to benefit from most of the work we do during Bali Immersion.

It's also NOT for you if you prioritize comfort over growth. The island of Bali is a great place to relax, enjoy good food and live the good life - and you can do plenty of that before and after the retreat. But for the period of retreat, the focus is on growth, health, business and leadership.

Is it only for business owners who have teams or employees?

The leadership component of Bali Immersion will help you tremendously when it comes to working with teams, building teams, building team culture etc. However, solopreneurs are welcome and you too will benefit a lot from the leadership training. Remember: leadership is about how you show up in general - whether you show up in an official leadership position or not. 

Improved communication skills, inner authority, strategic thinking etc. will all serve you well, even if you don't have employees.

Is this retreat suitable for content creators?

Yes, if content creation is a core part of your business (whether you do it alone or with a team), you will be able to benefit from this retreat. The learning will be focused more on the business side than the content creation side, but during your work hours, you will have the opportunity to create content and improve your workflows and efficiency there. Plus, the leadership skills translate very well, especially to video and audio content.

What is the difference between the standard and custom experience?

The standard experience is taking place with one facilitator (Shane Melaugh) and is a structured program with business & leadership skills in focus. It takes place in a luxurious villa in Bali, where you'll spend your days make huge progress on your work & intensively expanding your entrepreneurial, communication and leadership skills.

The custom experience is taking place with two facilitators (Shane Melaugh & Sam Overton), includes everything from the standard experience AND extends into a deeper skill development of social skills, communication skills & charisma. You will be doing your work and workouts during the day and on evenings and weekends, you'll learn to overcome your social fears and show up as your best, most charismatic, most attractive self in any social situation.

The custom experience takes place in a huge, high end luxury villa in Bali, one of the most gorgeous locations available (the cost of the location itself far exceeds your ticket price) - a place that is an experience in itself!

And the custom experience also comes with more customization for you. Leading up to the event, we will spend time to determine your major goals and sticking points and we will design parts of the experience specifically to help you, so we can guarantee that you'll achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

What if I don't get along with the other group members?

Participants for Bali Immersion are vetted and carefully selected. It's not just anyone who can join this container and you can rest assured that you will be around people worth knowing and worth spending time with.

Having said that, during 30 days of intensive retreat, it's not all going to be sunshine and roses. It's only reasonable to expect that there will be moments of conflict or tension in the group - and these are actually teachable moments that we will seize. Remember: this is all about learning by doing. So you will learn how to spot tension in a group setting, how to address and resolve it early. Or, failing that, how to intervene in a conflict and bring it to a good resolution. You will be living and breathing entrepreneurial and leadership skills during retreat.

What will the schedule look like?

The daily schedule will include:

  • 30-50 minutes of morning movement
  • 5-8 hours of scheduled work sessions with a lunch break inserted
  • About 1 hour for the daily gym session
  • Anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours of group sessions dedicated to skill growth and personal development

The schedule is not set in stone, leaving flexibility to adapt to participant's needs. However, do expect early mornings and daily, distraction free, deep focus work sessions.

In the first weeks of retreat, the schedule will be skewed more towards learning and skill growth and in later weeks, it's more skewed towards implementing everything you've learned and getting into flow.

Is it 30 days non stop? What about weekends?

Rest is just as important as intensity. For 5 days of the week, we follow an intensive, structured program. On Saturdays, we start the day together and there will be a group activity that isn't work focused. However, this does not take up the entire day. On part of Saturday and all of Sunday, there is no structured program. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to spend time in the group or strike out on your own during this period.

What is and isn't included in the price?

The price includes the retreat program for 5 1/2 days of the week, for 4 weeks. It also includes accommodation in a beautiful Bali villa, where you will have your own, spacious bedroom & bathroom and full privacy when you need it. The price also includes housekeeping, one meal per day and a gym membership as well as a few surprise events. Our shared work space at the villa will also be fitted out with video, audio and lighting equipment which can be shared in the group for content creation purposes.

What is NOT included: flights to and from Bali, your work equipment such as laptop, phone etc, SIM card for local internet service (WiFi at the villa is included), scooter rental (which you will need to get around the island), costs for Visa applications as required.

Can my dietary restrictions be catered to?

Yes, absolutely. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, keto or anything else, we can make sure you get the diet that works best for you. The good news is that the food scene in Bali is very progressive so even outside of the meals we have in our shared space, you'll have no trouble getting your dietary needs met.

Why isn't there full catering?

During retreat, we will cater a healthy, nutrition packed lunch every day. Breakfast is not provided because we will be following an intermittent fasting protocol which doesn't include breakfast. Dinner is not included because it's more fun to go out for dinner, enjoy the great food scene and the networking opportunities in Bali while you are there. We'd be missing out if we stayed holed up in the villa all day, including dinners!

I have a partner / family, can I bring them with me?

During retreat, you will be living in a villa, together with only the other retreat participants. Non-participants cannot join and live there as that would be too much of an interruption to the deep work we are there to do.

If you bring a partner and/or family along, make sure you set clear expectations: during retreat, you will not have a lot of time to spend with them. Realistically, you will be able to see them for brief periods, usually in the evening, during the week. And for 1 to 1.5 days during weekends. During week 4, the structure will be a bit looser and you may have some extra time.

BUT if you are coming along with someone who expects you to be around for them like usual, nobody is going to have a good time. You will constantly feel the pressure and feel pulled away from the work at the retreat, they will feel that you aren't around enough and you will probably not be able to get as much out of the retreat, either. 

What I recommend is that if you bring someone along, make sure you have plenty of time for them before and/or after retreat and make sure they understand you will more or less disappear for 3-4 weeks during retreat. Deep transformation requires commitment and that's what we'll be in Bali to do.

If your current situation is that you are ALREADY neglecting time with your partner or family because of your business obligations, stress and long work days, then consider that spending LESS time with them during a 30 day intensive is exactly what you need to make the changes in your life that will then allow you to spend MORE time with them in the years to come.

What If I'm used to working all day and need to be online at all hours?

If you currently "need" to be online and on your phone at all hours to keep your business afloat, you probably need the change in schedule that you'll experience during Bali Immersion. You will learn to shift your focus away from constantly putting out fires and putting yourself on the front line of every problem in the business. You will learn the skills needed to set clear priorities and put progress towards those priorities in motion. And you'll learn to unplug yourself from your business and remove yourself as the bottleneck.

Don't expect that you can do your usual 14 hours of screen time per day during Bali Immersion. Remember: it's all about getting out of your comfort zone. There will be significantly LESS screen time and significantly MORE real progress made towards your most important goals.

When & Where Exactly is this taking place?

Bali Immersion 2024 will be taking place in 2 separate cohorts.

  • The first runs from January 8 to February 3, 2024
  • The second runs from February 5 to March 2, 2024

Both are taking place in the north of Ubud, Bali.

It's recommended that you arrive at least 2-3 days early, especially if you are traveling across multiple time zones. And it's also recommended that you stay in Bali for longer than retreat if you can, because it's a fantastic place to spend some time!

I have to communicate with team members / clients in a different time zone

If you recognize that Bali Immersion is what you need for your growth, but you work synchronously with people who are too far removed from the Asia time zone we'll be in, make sure to fill out the application form and let me know in the "other" section.

On our call, we can figure out if Bali Immersion is possible for you and if it's not, there's a chance I can organize a future Immersion event in a time zone closer to you.

Who is this shane guy and what makes him qualified to run this retreat?

I've been an entrepreneur for over a decade and have successfully built businesses ranging from e-commerce to software to info/course businesses. I have organized intensive growth accelerators like Bali Immersion several times before, usually with the purpose of bootstrapping new teams within my own business and getting new team members skilled up as quickly as possible. I have also taught productivity skills to thousands of entrepreneurs since 2010.

For myself and working with others, I have always noticed how personal development and business growth. This is why the focus of Bali Immersion is not only on the business and productivity side. It's also an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to health, work/life balance and deeper transformation work.

This kind of immersive, close work with people is what I am best at. Looking back at all the work I have done over the years, it has always been in this kind of context that people around me have made the biggest leaps in growth. This is the modality with which I can make the biggest positive difference in other people's lives. And ever since I retired from my software business, that has been the focus of my life.

Imagine Diving Headfirst Into a New Way of Being

You get up in the morning and start your day with sunlight & movement. You immediately feel grounded and focused. The weather is amazing, you're surrounded by lush greenery and by motivated, high achieving, growth minded people.

It's a perfect way to start your day!

You set clear intentions for the day, bring your most important goal to mind and then dive into the first undistracted, deep work session of the day.

By the time late morning comes around, you have already made more progress than most people make all week... and it feels fantastic!

This is the kind of experience that Immersion is designed to give you. And it will become your new normal.

On this foundation, we go deep into skill development, personal growth & health optimization.

You will find that it's easier than ever before to step into your best self. This experience will change your business... and more importantly, it will change how you show up in the world.

Discover the Power of Deep Work

We all know that focused, intense work on goals that matter is the path to success. But deep work & high intensity productivity run much deeper than that. During the 30 days of retreat, you'll uncover how much more you're capable of, when all of these elements are aligned:

Master Your Goals

Learn how to set goals and derive true priorities from them. Become the rare entrepreneur with the ability to say "no" to almost everything, so you can bring your full focus to what matters most.

Focus-90 Deep Work

You'll learn the Focus-90 deep work protocol and it will become your new normal way of working. You will be amazed at how much you can get done, in how little time!

Distractions? Deleted.

Bali Immersion puts you in an environment that is unplugged from the constant distractions and noise most of us live in. Clarity, focus & peace of mind become effortless.


Something magical happens when you are clear about your goals & declare them to the right group of people. Accountability keeps you on track and lights a fire of motivation!

The Feedback Loop

The group doesn't only provide accountability, but also feedback. You improve so much faster when you're surrounded by the right people & have access to everyone's insights.

Unlock Flow States

Everything in Bali Immersion is set up to help you get into flow for peak performance. Once all the pieces are aligned and all distraction is eliminated, you tap into your full potential.

Level Up Your Health & Fitness

You can only perform at your best when your health is taken care of. We all know this, but it's easier said than done. During Bali Immersion, everything is set up for an optimal, healthy lifestyle. You'll find yourself in an environment and among a group of people that makes optimizing your health easier than ever!

Getting Fit Together

Daily exercise sessions are included in the program and all you need to do is come along. Scheduling, exercise programming and all other details are taken care of for you.

Movement Flow

In addition to gym sessions, you'll also participate in a structured program to develop movement skills, increase your mobility & improve your posture. You'll get to know your body in new ways.

Meditation & Breathwork

In addition to the "external work" of physical fitness, the "internal work" is also part of the daily program. Through breathwork & meditation exercises, you'll set your mind in an optimal state.

Circadian Optimization

Bali Immersion is designed to get you in sync with your circadian rhythm. Through light exposure, meal timings and exercise timing, we help you unlock your latent potential.

Nutrition Made Easy

Optimal, healthy nutrition is taken care of for you, during Bali Immersion. Instead of a healthy diet being another "should" on your list, simply enjoy the healthy, nutrient rich food provided for you.

A Sprinkle of Biohacking

In addition to all of these health optimization protocols, we also add a sprinkling of biohacking to the mix. The right supplements at the right time give you that extra edge.

Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be

Leadership is a key skill for any entrepreneur. Whether it's with team members, clients, customers, sales prospects or business partners - how you show up makes all the difference.

The Strategic Mind

Learn how to employ mental models & deliberate, strategic thinking. Knowing and using the right tools means you'll never again be nervous or hesitant about making a decision.

Masterful Communication

During Bali Immersion, we will fast track you to clear, confident and engaging communication. Become a powerful speaker and empathetic listener - the kind of leader people trust & follow.

Develop Inner Authority

Leadership & communication run deeper than just technical skills and know-how. Immersion is also a place to work on the "inner game" of deep confidence and authentic authority.

Build Strong Culture

Team culture is the elusive factor that makes all the difference between the dream team and the nightmare team. In Bali Immersion, you learn how to build strong bonds & an excellent culture.

Vision & Alignment

People naturally follow a leader with a strong vision - but only if that vision is authentic and comes from a place of deep alignment. Which is what you'll develop and ingrain during the retreat.

Eliminate Self Sabotage

We are our own greatest enemies. Most entrepreneurs fail because they ultimately keep getting in their own way. Immersion is a chance to dig deep and unwind your limiting beliefs.


Reserve your spot for Bali Immersion 2024 today!