For any man still trying to achieve his freedom

Here’s why it hasn’t happened for you yet...

Why did you start your business in the first place?

Because you want Freedom.

The Freedom to do what you want, when you want.

The Freedom to have enough money to never worry about money again.

And the Freedom to travel, go on adventures, spend time doing things you love... and avoid the things you don't.

What does it mean to live a life of true freedom?

You know what you want - why haven’t you made it happen yet?

Because you don't know how.

At least that's what it feels like.

With all the information available online, you definitely have some ideas of what you could do to grow your business...

...but for some reason you feel stuck.

The truth is, deep down, you probably already know how to move forward but you don't know if your plan is actually going to work out.

This "not knowing" is where the mental tug-of-war of "should I do it?" or "should I not do it?" comes from.

You know the tug-of-war I'm talking about, right?

The constant weighing of pros and cons in your head. Thinking through all the risks, all the effort it would take, and then, eventually, giving up and deciding to find a new and better way to do it later.

This mental tug-of-war that you experience is called Procrastination.

Procrastination prevents you from taking action towards your goals. Instead, it keeps you stuck in the knowledge trap.

How procrastination keeps you stuck in the “knowledge trap”

The experience of procrastination is when you feel like you're stuck in place. Unable to move forward, no matter how badly you want to make some kind of progress.

It feels like you're paralyzed because even though you want to move forward, you simply... can't.

This is the best way I can describe it to you:

Have you ever been skydiving before?

If you haven't, the plane usually climbs up to about 10,000 feet in the air. The instructor opens the door and you look outside and see the world from a point of view you've never seen before.

It's beautiful, it's enchanting, and then...'s terrifying!

Because the instructor says that we're jumping in 3... 2... 1...


It's time to jump, are you ready?

It's at this point that most people grab on to the sides of the door for dear life and don't let go.

Why do you think that is? They're wearing a harness, they're with an instructor whose literal job is to keep them safe, AND they came here willingly because they know what they want — the experience of jumping off a plane at 10,000 feet in the sky like a mad man!

So why don't people jump?

The answer: fear.

Thoughts like these come in to your mind as you're about to jump out of the plane:

  • what if something goes wrong?
  • I need to know how to handle every situation that could go wrong
  • I'm not ready!

Do any of them sound familiar?

These are the exact same thoughts that come up when you're going after your life and business goals.

These thoughts make you research and look for more "sure-shot" ways to succeed at the expense of taking any action towards our goals right now.

Learning on its own isn't a bad thing. The problem is when that's all you're doing!

That's what it means to be caught in the knowledge trap.

This is how procrastination prevents us from moving forward and keeps us stuck in the knowledge trap.

So, what's the solution?

How do you break free from the “knowledge trap”?

The first step to breaking free from the "knowledge trap" is to understand the 3 phases of Goal Accomplishment. 

Then, learn how you should be splitting your time into each of the 3 Phases. And which phase you should be focussed on the most (I'll show you soon, keep reading).

The KSI Model of Goal Accomplishment

If I had to break Goal Accomplishment down into 3 phases, it would look like this:

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Let's unpack this.

Phase 1:


In this phase, you learn what to do to move you towards your goals. This is your research phase. Where you read blog posts, articles, watch YouTube videos, tutorials, etc. on what to do to achieve your goal.

Then comes Phase 2:


In this phase, you figure out the how of what you need to do to make your goals happen and come up with a plan of action. Examples of this are things like SEO vs. Paid Ads, Content Marketing with Blog Posts or YouTube videos, etc.

And lastly, we have Phase 3:


This is where you execute on your plan (your strategy) for a set amount of time, say 2-3 months, and generate results. These bursts of taking laser-focussed action are also called Rapid Implementation Sprints. The goal here is to execute as fast as possible to generate results.

Ultimately, it comes down to this:

The results you want can only come from the actions you take.

If you had to guess which one of these phases you should be spending 80% of your time in, which phase would you pick?

It seems obvious now, doesn't it? Almost a no-brainer to say "Phase 3 — (Rapid) Implementation".


Which one do you think most people spend 80% of their time in?

How Most People Split Their Time in The KSI Model

pie chart showing 20% implementation, 80% knowledge
80% of time is spent researching, learning, watching tutorials, planning, changing your mind, re-planning... and only 20% is actual, hard-hitting implementation.

This, frankly, is a recipe for failure and frustration.

How Successful People Split Their Time in The KSI Model

pie chart showing 80% implementation, 20% strategizing

20% of time spent gathering information and strategizing, 80% of time spent in full on implementation mode. That includes, making mistakes, learning from them and improving along the way.

And you know the irony of this? Following this model you also learn more and gain more knowledge. Such is the power of learning by doing.

If you're still a bit doubtful. Let's apply our KSI model to a simple (but very difficult) goal we've all wanted to achieve at one point or the other: getting a six-pack.

Almost EVERY guy has wanted a body like this at least once in his life!

Tell me this:

  • How many articles do you have to read to get a six-pack?
  • How many tutorials do you need to watch to learn how to do a crunch or a plank?
  • How many videos do you need to watch to know that you need to eat real food, in reasonable quantities and avoid junk food?

I know the answer is not zero, but it's also not nearly as many as we end up watching or reading. If we spent 80% of our time eating right and working out 5 times a week instead of reading about it, we would've probably had that six pack by now!

In a nutshell:

The results you want come from spending 80% of your time in Rapid Implementation mode.

BIG Results in Small Timeframes - What Rapid Implementation Looks Like in Action

How much can you really accomplish in a Rapid Implementation Sprint?

Here's the deal: what keeps most young men stuck is they don't realize how much they can get done in a short timeframe. They keep looking for the "perfect plan" that generates the most success because they don't know what's actually possible.

The ikario product launches are proof of this. We started ikario in the first week of August, 2020 and had to immediately generate revenue.

  • By September 19th, 2020 (in less than 60 days), we had generated $70K+ from our first high-ticket product launch.
  • We decided to do it again but in less than 30 days this time, and generated $30K+ in January, 2021 from our second high-ticket product launch.
  • We created a low-ticket, $21 evergreen product in only 26 days that generated $4.4K in revenue.

Let me level with you here. I'm not trying to imply that you can replicate our results. I'm showing you what we've accomplished as a team when we spent 80%+ of our time in the (Rapid) Implementation phase.

Please Note: Just because we hit decent numbers, doesn't mean every one of our launches was successful.

For example: Our Jan. 2021 launch was technically a failure from a financial point of view. It is mentioned here to demonstrate what you can accomplish in a short timeframe even if it isn't a raging success.

All business entails risk. We knew the risks we were taking and have learned from our mistakes and failures going forward.

Here are examples of results that we have helped our clients and customers achieve in their Rapid Implementation sprints.

  • Martin automated the majority of the day-to-day operations of his online business in less than 90 days.
  • Tibor built his website business and secured his first 3 clients in less than 60 days of working with us. His business is still going strong 6 months later.
  • Guillaume couldn't believe he finished creating his course in just 30 days.
  • Anthony started growing his audience by creating 30 videos in 30 days and uploading daily to his YouTube channel.

These are just some examples of what people have been able to accomplish in their (Rapid) Implementation sprints.

Whether you've been in business for a while or just starting out, the point is:

BIG results at ANY scale are possible in a SMALL timeframe.

We call this:

The Art of Getting Shit Done (Fast)

And we've boiled it down to a science! Using the KSI model, you could go out and make BIG goals happen in your business and your life right now.

Think about it:

  • What could you accomplish in 30-60 days if you had a solid plan that you focused on?
  • What could you accomplish if you had the guidance from a group of men that consistently get shit done, make shit happen and keep you on track to achieving your biggest goals?
  • What could you accomplish if you were surrounded by a group of men that all want the same thing you do and wouldn't stop at anything to get it?

This is exactly how we operate in the ikario team. If you want to break free from the knowledge trap and use a better approach to making shit happen, now is the perfect time.


Men Getting Shit Done


An 8-Week Live Program

Acvhieve Big Results in Little Time

A group of men with one goal in mind — produce results and get shit done! In essence, this is what the ikario team is all about.

This is the exact, laser-focused approach that we use at ikario to make our biggest goals happen. Without giving in to self-doubt, procrastination, and perfectionism.

MGSD is an 8-week long live coaching program where we help you put the KSI model in action to achieve your own big goals. The reason this works so well is because you're surrounded by a tribe of like-minded people who are just as hungry as you are to make shit happen in your life.

What's Waiting For You Inside the Program

Some of the core focuses of the program

Goal Setting + Action Plan

We can't produce BIG results if we don't have BIG goals. This is step 1 of the program. We set a BIG goal and come up with an Action Plan with weekly goals on how you're going to make it happen.

Improving Your Health

This is optional, but highly encouraged! Working on your goals is great but you shouldn't drop the ball on your health.

Increased Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self-Respect

Becoming a man that does what he says and knows that he's not full of shit is the #1 way to improve your confidence issues. No fluff, no bullshit, we make shit happen and feel good about RESULTS!

Staying on Track Groups

A group of you and 4 other men will hold each other accountable to getting shit done. We will all meet weekly to make sure you're hitting your goals every week!

A Better Love Life & Relationships

We will help each other improve the quality of our relationships and love life while we go after our biggest goals.

Your Supportive Tribe

Getting Shit Done is hard. F#cking Hard. Undoubtedly, things are going to get tough and you're going to feel low. That's when you have an entire team of people to pick you up when you fall. Remember, we're getting to the finish line. No man left beind.

Becoming The King of Your Own Life — A Better Man in Difficult Times

We will dive deep into masculinity and what it takes to be a better man in the insane times that we live in. We'll have these discussions as a group to help each other: improve as a man, define our core values, and help each other live a life of authenticity.

Putting the KSI Model to Work For You

Here's how we're going to break down the KSI model for you and help you implement it in your own life.

Week 1

Phases 1 & 2 —Knowledge & Strategy

What We Do in Week 1:
(<20% of time spent here)

1. Setting your 8-Week goal.
2. Create your Action Plan for what you're going to do to make it happen.
3. Give you the resources you need to be productive.

Weeks 2-8

Phase 3 — (Rapid) Implementation

Getting Shit Done Time 
(>80% of time spent here)

No fluff, no bullshit, no excuses...

ONLY action!

During Weeks 2 to 8, we will take relentless action on your biggest goal and make it happen no matter what.

You will learn what it's like to spend 80%+ of your time in the (Rapid) Implementation phase.

In Week 8, we'll sit down once again to figure out what you accomplished and how you can improve for your next Rapid Implementation Sprint.


Deep Dive into Masculinity

Every week we'll spend time together discussing the nuances of masculinity. Each week will be a new topic on things like:

  • Sex & Porn
  • Health & Fitness
  • Relationships & Connection
  • and more

There is a masculinity crisis happening in the world right now. We don't have many positive male role models in society. We're going to change that together. And help you become the kind of man that a young boy could look up to and say "I want to be like him when I grow up!"

The truth is that whether you want to be a positive role model or not, it doesn't matter. Because once you become the kind of man that does what he says, people will automatically look up to you. This isn't about something that you do, it's about something you are. We will help you become that man.


Becoming a Man — There is NO Cookie

There is no cookie at the end of this program.

There is nothing here that we're advertising that says that after following this program for 8 weeks, you'll get all the babes and mansions that you ever dreamed of. Think about all the bullshit programs from all these "gurus" that are out there that promise you these things...

Now think about: how many of those programs actually work?

Let's be serious here man. This mindset of "what is the guaranteed result from doing this program?" is an immature f#cking mindset, and is one of the things that we're curing you of here.

You're not here to earn "good boy points", you're here to become a man that gets shit done, period. This program is for people who've woken up to the reality of what it takes to become a successful human being, not for people looking for a guaranteed result.

This experience of going after something without knowing if there's a result at the end of it is called: uncertainty. Accepting, dealing and living with uncertainty is part of being a man that gets shit done. You will learn how to deal with this and thrive within it over the course of these 8 weeks.


Access to the ikario Community

As part of MGSD, you'll also be added to the ikario community. In it you'll find tons of premium content, in-depth discussions, and other people who are on the same path as you are.

We have ongoing challenges, book reports, and premium content that is regularly shared with the community. This is an excellent place to expand your social circle and find other, like-minded people that make shit happen no matter what.

Before you even ask, no this isn't some bullshit Facebook group.  This is our own, self-hosted community designed to facilitate you on the path of becoming the best version of yourself. Somehow, I doubt that's what Facebook's goal is.

Meet Your Coaches:
The Men Who Get Shit Done

Abhi Chand

Abhi is passionate about business, marketing, and getting shit done. Always looking to help whoever he can.

Shane Melaugh

Shane is the sensei of the ikario team. He's incredibly passionate about teaching people and empowering them to improve their lives.

This is NOT (Just) A Goal Accomplishment Program

Men Getting Shit Done is not your average goal-accomplishment program. It's much more than that because we don't just focus on your goals, we focus on you - the man behind the goals.

To better understand why we have this unconventional approach to goal accomplishment, we must first understand...

Why Most Goal Achievement Programs Fail...

Most goal-achievement programs fail because they expect you to operate like a "well oiled machine".

You are not a machine.

It's really popular for goal achievement programs to give you, what they claim is, the perfect plan. You have to follow and execute on that plan PERFECTLY until you accomplish the goal.

This is a very #hustleculture mentality. And it is bullshit.

They say things like if you're really serious about success, then you should be working ALL THE TIME, you should NEVER have time for friends or relationships. Don't chase women because the women will come to you once you have the success. Act with urgency like you have NO TIME. Run around like a headless chicken. F#ck sleep! Sleep is for the weak!

Does any of this stuff sound familiar?

At the very least, I'm sure you've seen the cringe-worthy instagram posts that preach this crap with the hashtags #hustle and #motivation on them.

After all, this is what it means to be on the #hustle and #dailygrind right?


These are nothing but myths being perpetuated in a system where the blind are leading the blind. What I mean is the people preaching this garbage don't actually have any success themselves. If they did, they would know that this is bullshit lol.

The 3 Myths of #hustleculture


You Don't Need Sleep

Sleep is for the weak right? F#ck sleep, go big or go home! If you can't operate on 3 hours of sleep, are you even serious about success?


You Need to Work ALL THE TIME

Ever heard stories of how Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk work all the time? That's what you gotta do as well!


No Time For Friends or Relationships

You'll have all the friends and girlfriends once you're rich and successful. No need to waste time in these things now.

Debunking Myth #1: You Can Sleep When You're Dead

Neuroscientist Matt Walker discusses the benefits of sleep in his book Why We Sleep. He points out all the endless negative effects that lack of sleep has on our health.

Here are some of the things he says:

  • “the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life."
  • “Routinely sleeping less than six or seven hours a night demolishes your immune system, more than doubling your risk of cancer.”
  • "After sixteen hours of being awake, the brain begins to fail. Humans need more than seven hours of sleep each night to maintain cognitive performance. After ten days of just seven hours of sleep, the brain is as dysfunctional as it would be after going without sleep for twenty-four hours."
  • "Adults forty-five years or older who sleep fewer than six hours a night are 200 percent more likely to have a heart attack or stroke during their lifetime, as compared with those sleeping seven to eight hours a night.”
  • “The physical and mental impairments caused by one night of bad sleep dwarf those caused by an equivalent absence of food or exercise.”

Read that last quote again.

One night of bad sleep is worse than missing food or exercise!

Sleep deprivation causes a serious decline in your performance, period. The more sleep deprived you are, the longer it takes you to accomplish a goal.

"...when you are not getting enough sleep, you work less productively and thus need to work longer to accomplish a goal."

Sleep deprivation is probably what causes #hustleculture guys to be working all the time. Because they simply aren't capable of working efficiently. Ever thought of it that way?

You need sleep. You need rest. You need recovery.

And doing this right makes you a high-performing badass.

Debunking Myth #2:
You Need to Work ALL THE TIME

As mentioned in the previous section, one reason that people work "all the time" is because they are sleep deprived.

Another, all encompassing reason is: productivity.

Did you know it takes on average 23 minutes of continuous, undistracted work to get into a focused state where you can actually do your best work?

Do you think most people are able to get in those focused states?

If you answered yes, I have some bad news for you. If you answered no, here's why you're right.

According to King Online University, we tap, swipe, and click on our phones 2,617 times per day ... that's checking your phone about 2.7 times per minute. In other words: we're distracted (on average) 2.7 times per minute.

What this means is that we're constantly distracted.

If we're so frequently distracted, do you think most of us can ever get to 23 minutes of continuous, undistracted work?

Probably, not

The problem isn't that we have to be working all the time. The problem is that most people don't know how to work productively so they don't have to work "all the time".

In the MGSD program, we will teach you how to completely eliminate all distractions while you work. So you can do your best work and produce BIG results in small timeframes.

Debunking Myth #3:
No Time For Friends or Relationships

This one is for the people who willingly give up their social lives, friendships, and relationships so they can work more.

An almost 80 year long Harvard study on happiness proved that the number 1 indicator of long-term happiness is the quality of your relationships.

This can be with your family, friends and community. The better quality of relationships you have, the happier you are as a person. The study revealed that close relationships are what keep people happy throughout their lives. Not money or fame.

Conversely, the lonelier you are, the more likely you are to have a poor quality of life. And be less happier in life.

“Loneliness kills. It’s as powerful as smoking or alcoholism.”
— Robert Waldinger (director of the study)

Look, the reason we all go after our goals is because we want to be happy. That's what freedom means to us remember? Being happy, right now!

I'm citing this Harvard study here because it is the longest study ever conducted on happiness. It found that goal accomplishment is NOT the number one thing that will make you happy in the long run.

At ikario we are trying to help you be happy right now and have your freedom too. That's why we will focus on improving your relationships in the 8-week long MGSD program.

What Makes The Men Getting Shit Done Program Different?

Here are 3 reasons that make the MGSD program different:

  1. 1
    Not only do we teach you how to be ultra productive, we also encourage you to focus on your health.
  2. 2
    Not only do we help you come up with a strategically sound action plan to hitting your 8-week long goal, we also help you improve the quality of your relationships along the way.
  3. 3
    And not only do we hold you accountable to hitting your weekly goals, we also help you become a better man by discussing the nuances of masculinity.

What truly makes MGSD different from any other goal-achievement program is we don't treat you like a machine. We treat you like an adult and help you improve in ALL areas of your life as you're pursuing your biggest goals.

What our past customers say about our Live Programs

The one thing that I really like most is the completeness, the combination of all the things offered. You have the tools, you have the live calls, you have accountability groups and everything. I think the combination of all of that put into one place is really amazing.


Guitar Teacher

The reason it really works was the weekly accountability, having those other people there, making sure that I was doing things and I wasn't just worming out of my goals.


Guitar Teacher

There was the live classes, the community, the accountability groups, the Monday-Resets and all these things. Basically, I made promises to other people that this week I will work on my most important project and I will do the tasks. I have to do this!


Online Entrepreneur

“Shane is able to convey the principles and systems in a clear and concise way.
Doing this course together with him has been like immersing me for a month in his world and better understanding his philosophy of life and entrepreneurship, far from the thundering proclamations of many business gurus, and much closer to the reality of things.”

Agostino Famlonga

What made the different was that it wasn't just me on my own watching some videos. It was me and several other people, well quite a lot of other people, all in exactly the same situation with slightly different challenges. 



Break Free from the Knowledge Trap and Make Shit Happen

Reserve your spot now! $500 Early Bird discount ends in:


You missed out!

Enroll in Men Getting Shit Done - MGSD Live 2021

  • 8-Week Long intense (Rapid) Implementation Sprint
  • Guided Goal-Setting based on what you want to achieve
  • Exclusive community access & peer support
  • Live coaching calls & group sessions
  • Direct hands-on help from Shane & his team of coaches
  • Class begins on July 5th, 2021

Join Today!

Regular price:  $1,000
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3 Monthly Payments of $175

Click the button to enroll today & join the Men Getting Shit Done Live program

30 Day Guarantee: Make Shit Happen or Your Money Back

Here's a simple guarantee for you:

This is an 8-Week long program, that's roughly 60 Days. If you find by the halfway (30 day) mark, you haven't been able to make shit happen towards your BIG goal, then we'll refund your money no questions asked. No hassles, simple, and easy refund in 30 days

More comments from my past customers

“One of the best courses I have ever bought”

“Just using one tool out of the course made a huge difference to my work. I noticed that I am already more productive and it helps me focusing on my goals without additional pressure. It’s much easier for me to prioritize on stuff that needs to be done & makes a difference and busywork."

Michaela Thiede

“One lesson alone was worth the price of the course...”

“I love this course, it covers everything from the long-term goals to the daily tasks. I am a constant student on how to become more efficient not just more productive and this course has definitely delivered. It is unlike any other productivity course I took or book I read. There was one particular lesson in the goal setting section that was so surprising but also so valuable, that alone was worth the price of the course.

Conny Graf

“I recommend it for anyone who feels they aren't reaching their full potential...”

With a new business venture in the works, I knew that I needed help improving task management and goal achievement—this course meets those needs and more.

The content quality and teaching style are first-rate. The course walks you through all of the areas that are important to achieving fully optimized, deep focus work. For anyone who feels they aren't reaching their full potential due to inefficient and unfocused work habits, I highly recommend this course—it can be the difference between success and failure.

David Coleman

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I don't have a plan or a goal that I want to accomplish?

  • Don't worry if you don't have a plan or goal at the moment because we will help you set a goal that you will go after in the next 8 weeks on our first call together.
  • Step 1 is for us to identify a goal that you want to accomplish in 8 weeks.
  • Then Step 2 is for us to come up with a plan of action to make it happen.
  • We will help you come up with all the weekly goals and everything you need to have a solid plan. You just have to hold your end of the bargain, show up and do the work necessary.
  • Is this for entrepreneurs?

    Anyone can join but yes, this is mainly for entrepreneurs and people that want to make their side-hustle their full-time gig and achieve freedom.

    What if I don't have a business or side-hustle that I'm trying to build right now?

    You can still join this program and start working on your side-hustle. But the ideal scenario is if you are already working on your side-hustle and join us to help you make things happen.

    Are you offering any business advice?

    No. This is not a business advice program. We will help you along the way but won't be giving you any instructions or business advice. We can definitely help you think through problems and come to a solution that you will feel happy, but no direct business advice.

    Are there upsells?

  • There are no upsells in this program. There actually isn't anything to upsell you on. By joining the course, you will be added to our newsletter and mailing list and, if you like, you can stay in touch with us and what we do.
  • This basically means that we'll keep you in the loop of what we're up to. That's things like our new content and any new products that we come up with in the future.
  • What if I do my best but still don't hit my goals?

  • "Aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
  • Even if you don't end up achieving exactly the goal that you thought you would, you will still become the type of man that can make shit happen.
  • The real value from this program is what you learn from focusing on implementation vs. knowledge and strategy.
  • Trust me, even if you don't hit your goal, you will be very happy that you went after it.
  • What if I only want to focus on my business goal and not my health or relationships for now?

    That's your choice and we respect that. We will still have discussions as a group about this which you are welcome to join.

    Are you actually teaching anything here?

  • Simple answer: No.
  • We will start you off with some tools and resources on how we, at the ikario team, do our most productive work. But the emphasis of the program is on implementation and making shit happen.
  • You don't need more knowledge, you need to execute and make shit happen.
  • If you can't guarantee a result, how do I know the program worked for me?

  • You will know by the serious amount of progress you will make in 8 weeks.
  • By the confidence you feel about goal-setting in the future and being someone that does what he says and makes shit happen.
  • There is more than just results at stake, it's about becoming a man that other men want to be like.
  • Break Free from the Knowledge Trap and Make Shit Happen

    Reserve your spot now! $500 Early Bird discount ends in:


    You missed out!

    Enroll in Men Getting Shit Done - MGSD Live 2021

    • 8-Week Long intense (Rapid) Implementation Sprint
    • Guided Goal-Setting based on what you want to achieve
    • Exclusive community access & peer support
    • Live coaching calls & group sessions
    • Direct hands-on help from Shane & his team of coaches
    • Class begins on July 5th, 2021

    Join Today!

    Regular price:  $1,000
    Early-Bird admission price:



    3 Monthly Payments of $175

    Click the button to enroll today & join the Men Getting Shit Done Live program

    Hi, I'm Shane Melaugh

    Hi, I'm Shane Melaugh, a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses like ThriveThemes, ActiveGrowth, and ikario.

    When people hear about my success, they tend to (mistakenly) think that I have the "Midas" touch or something.

    But the truth is very different...

    The truth is that I'm a college dropout, I was pretty much unemployable, I'm generally disorganized... the only thing that I'm actually good at is getting shit done.

    At least half of my ideas are bad and I have had at least half as many failures as successes in my business career. But the advantage that I have is that I move fast! I get my bad ideas done and published and move on to better ideas before most people are done with their morning coffees.

    Over the last year, I've built (another) team of highly productive guys - the ikario team - and we are all really excited to help you become the kind of person that can make your goals happen... aka become a man that can get shit done.

    That's what I want for you.




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