Tired of Running Hot and Cold Chasing Your Goals?

If you can't seem to get off the motivational seesaw and just want to see consistent results in your business and life...

...this Premium Coaching is for you!

"I just need to try harder..."

Ever said that to yourself?

What you're doing in that moment is blaming yourself for not hitting the goals you set. For not accomplishing the goals you wish you would have achieved by now.

There's only one problem though...

...you're trying to guilt-trip yourself into improving your performance.

But this backfires. The guilt makes you worse. It makes you feel worthless and completely depletes any motivation you had had to pursue your goals.

You are your own bad boss here.

Just increase the pressure on your employee (yourself) if s/he's not performing well enough.

I'm not gonna lie: amping up the pressure works... sometimes.

When you're hot, you're on fire, then a kick in the backside may get you going!

But when you're cold, when you're already feeling down...

...the guilt, low sense of self-worth, and feelings of "this is never going to happen for me" come up.

The reason why this happens to you is because you're on the...

Motivational Seesaw

It definitely goes up! But what goes up...

...must come down!

motivational seesaw 1

When you're on the upswing, everything is going great. And you feel great.

But inevitably, the downturn comes around.

Your motivation fades, your performance decreases and you're stuck back in "I can't do this" land...

Maybe you're wondering "what's that thing on the other side of the seesaw?" - what goes up when your motivation goes down, and down when your motivation peaks?

We'll get to that and it's a key to solving this issue.

But first, let's get clear about the problem that you keep experiencing.

When you're stuck on the Motivational Seesaw, you lack consistency.

We both know that you're capable of making your goals happen, there is no doubt about that.

The real issue is how do we manage the low-points, the downturns, that seem to completely derail all the progress you've made towards your goals.

For example, have you ever done really well on a diet just to have ONE cheat day that ruins an entire month's worth of progress?

Then you feel guilty and this ONE bad decision has a cascading effect into other areas of your life.

You might skip a day in the gym, miss a workout, eat some more junk food because...

...hey, what difference does it make, right?

Things are already bad as they are. Might as well keep going.

delicious looking fries, quite frankly

From gym resolutions to greasy fries in 2 easy steps...

We've all been there.

It hurts every time you "fall off the horse" because you know you have to do that much more to get back on track.

Work that much harder to get back to where you were before you fell off, and THEN start making progress again.

It's an endless Cycle of Doom where you're constantly stuck in getting back to where you were when you fell off vs. moving towards the goals you had actually set.

The Cycle of Doom

When you rely on motivation, you go up and down from your "current best" to "absolute worst". Then when you hit rock bottom, you work your way back up to where you were before you fell off.

There are many possible reasons for this, check if any of these resonate with you:

  1. Fear of Change — if you actually hit your goals, you wouldn't be who you are right now... you would lose your current identity and that scares you.

  2. Fear of Success — if you actually hit your goals, you would have to face the reality that you can do more. It's easier to stay stuck at your "current level" than to actually level up and reach for your true potential.
    And lastly...

  3. Fear of Failure — if you actually went after your goals and gave it your best shot...

    what if... you fail?

What if even after you give it everything you got...

...your goals don't happen? And you never inch towards your hopes and dreams?

MORE people are crippled by this one fear alone than there are people who even dare to set ambitious goals for themselves!

There is a level of comfort in "being stuck where you're at" that makes you feel good about who you are right now.

That comfort wouldn't exist if you actually hit your goals.

The positive function of your fear is to protect you from the unknown.

The unknown here is: what happens if you actually hit your goals?

The positive function of your fear is to protect you from the unknown. It keeps you feeling safe even if you logically want to move ahead in life.

Breaking Free from

The Cycle of Doom

Author Jim Collins

Good is the enemy of the great. And that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great...

Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.”

Jim Collins ‧ bestselling author (Good to Great)

Think about that for a second: "Good is the enemy of great."

Most people never achieve great lives, because it's so easy to settle for a "good life".

  • A "good life" is one where you're okay with what you have.
  • A "good life" is one where you're okay with where you are.
  • A "good life" is one where you're okay with never facing your fears.

A "good life" is where you're just comfortable enough to not get up and make real change happen...

If you're happy with that, then the rest of this page won't apply to you. I wish you the best of luck in your comfy little safe-haven and let's both hope that you won't wake up one day filled with regret of "I wonder what I could've done if I actually went for it!"

But if you're NOT willing to settle for the societal "good job, you tried" level of accomplishment - decent job you don't hate too much, a house and car on which you mainly own debt and a marriage on the brink of divorce - then read on...

Where Fear Ends... Greatness Begins

Overcoming fear is hard.

Especially, fear of failure. Because when you actively pursue something you're afraid of, you hear the voices of all the critics that doubt you.

Even worse, you hear the voice of your own self-doubt.

That's the one that's harder to beat because it's your own mind talking...

...and in the words of David Goggins:

Pain Enthusiast David Goggins

Your mind has the ultimate tactical advantage over you. It knows your insecurities, it knows your fears, it knows your self-doubts...

David Goggins ‧ former Navy Seal, author of Can't Hurt Me

If you're going to accomplish your goals, you're going to have to overcome your mind...

...and this is going to be an uphill battle.

You know how the old saying goes right? "If it was easy, everybody would do it."

And the truth is that everybody can't do it.

That's the bad news.

But there's a small segment of the population that makes it happen anyways.

That's the good news.

They're called High Performance Individuals and here's what they do differently.

What High Performance Individuals do Differently

Here's what Most People's Progression towards their goals looks like:

They make some progress, then fall back. Then make some progress again... and so on.

Zoom out and it's basically no progress. Even when they do their best, they only get back to their previous plateau. Working endlessly just to maintain the status quo.

Now, what do you think a High Performance Individual's progression looks like? 

Straight line from the starting point to the goal?

That's what most people think, but the reality is different.

Here's how it actually plays out:

High Performance Individuals ALSO experience ups and downs...

...but they don't go below a certain threshold.

So when they bounce back, they break through their previous plateau and move MUCH further along than where they fell off from last time.

This is essentially a visual representation of the concept of Failing Forward.

The ONE thing that separates High Performance Individuals from the masses is that even through their failures they move closer to their goals.

Do you want to know how you can practically apply this concept of failing forward to your own life and goals? Keep reading.

How to Fail Forward and Continue to Make Progress

High Performance Individuals realize one key thing that most people in the masses are unwilling to accept...

You can't do it alone.

Let that sink in for a minute.

We romanticize in mainstream media and celebrity culture about the superstar athletes, the high-profile CEOs, and the actors and actresses we see on screen.


The truth is that none of them achieved massive success on their own.

High Performance Individuals are made by High Performance Coaches. Period.

  • Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant both had Tim Grover.
  • Khabib Normagomedov had his father Abdulmanap Normagomedov.
  • Tiger Woods had his father Earl Woods
  • The Spurs had Gregg Popovich.
  • Real Madrid had Jose Mourinho.
  • FC Barcelona had Josep Guardiola.
  • and the list goes on and on and on...

The Great Michael Jordan on his coach Tim Grover

"Tim Grover was by my side for fifteen years, and knows more than anyone about building winners."

The Great Kobe Bryant on his coach Tim Grover

"Tim Grover is the master of mental toughness, discovering what you’re capable of achieving, getting results you never imagined reaching the highest level of success—and then going even higher.”

The Great Khabib Normagomedov on his coach (his Father)

“I will miss you father. You were father, friend, brother and coach all rolled into one... You taught me almost everything, I hope you were pleased with me.”

The Great Tiger Woods on his coach (his Father)

"My dad was my best friend and greatest role model. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband and friend."

Wherever you find High Performance Individuals, you undoubtedly find coaches that pushed these individuals to greatness.

Anyone that has ever achieved massive success and become a High Performance Individual had TONS of help along the way to getting there!

They didn't trust their mind to simply get them there.

And they surely didn't believe that they could just "try harder" and motivate themselves to achieve their greatest goals.

If the most successful people to ever walk the face of the Earth couldn't do it all on their own...

...then the chances that you will get there by yourself are practically zero.

The question you should be asking yourself right now is...

How do I get help to become a
High Performance Individual?

The first question to answer is this:

Are you actually willing to push (and be pushed) towards your goals no matter what?

It's not a trick question.

Just a simple yes or no will do.

Most people like the idea of success and becoming a High Performance Individual...

...but when the rubber meets the road, they give up at the first signs of any challenge.

If that's you, then this is where we part ways and this is where you should stop reading.

However, if you truthfully answered "yes" to the question above...

...and are at a point in your life where you're willing to give your goals an honest shot...

...then this page is exactly where you need to be right now.


ikario Premium

 High Performance Coaching

Live Coaching Program

1-on-1 Coaching for People Ready to Step Up and achieve their biggest goals

Making the journey from "good enough" to "one of the greats" is not going to happen overnight.

And it won't happen in 1 week or 1 month, either. It's a process.

Do you know what happens when you follow the process?

When you follow the process, you automatically make significant progress towards your most important goals.

  • Want to double your average daily earnings in your business? Achievable.
  • Want to turn your side-hustle into your full time gig? Possible.
  • Want to get shredded or lose 20 pounds? You got it.
  • Want to start kicking ass, not only in business, but also shed your nice guy behaviors & become a more capable, more formidable person overall? Let's do it!

No matter what goal you have, you can make a HUGE amount of progress towards it (if not outright achieve it!) given the right tools and the right coach in your corner.

Remember what High Performance Individuals progression looked like?

Here's their secret:

Every time the High Performance Individual "falls off", the coach intervenes and picks the individual back up IMMEDIATELY and helps the individual get back on track towards his/her goals even stronger and faster than before.

The coach brings an outside perspective to the player. The coach can see more clearly what's going on, can step in when needed and has an extensive set of tools to deploy, to get the player back on track.

Remember the motivational seesaw we looked at earlier?

Seesaw with motivation on one side and process on the other.

The thing on the other side of the seesaw is process.

Think about it: what do you do when your performance is sagging, your motivation is low and you hit that "rock bottom" feeling?

You start putting processes in place to get you out of that place. Maybe you start getting up earlier and exercising in the morning. Maybe you clean up your diet. Maybe you get rid of a bunch of junk food in your fridge.

Maybe you just start using your calendar and to-do list properly again and clean up your messy desk.

Whatever it is, you put processes in place. This leads to progress and higher performance. And that is ultimately where high motivation comes from.

Initially, the boost of motivation, drives performance even higher...

...but then we make the same dreadful mistake we've made so many times before...

...we get comfortable.

You start thinking "I got this" and you neglect your processes.

Slowly, your good habits fall away. And before you know it, you're back on the way down, heading straight for rock bottom once again.

A coach can intervene in this process, give you better processes to begin with and nudge you back on track when you start slipping.

How Does a High Performance Coach Help?

There are 3 key steps to helping you in your journey to success and becoming a High Performance Individual.

Step 1: The Bulletproof Gameplan

We can't enter the arena without a 100% clear-cut gameplan for how we're going to attack your most important goal.

The first thing that you and your coach will do is come up with your Gameplan that outlines the following two things for you:

  1. The Milestones you need to hit every month to achieve your goals, and
  2. The Process you need to engage in to hit those milestones.

Having this level of complete clarity on exactly what you need to do is absolutely crucial to your success.

When you're on the court, you need to focus on executing the Gameplan. You don't start coming up with a Gameplan once the game begins.

While you're on the court, your coach carefully observes and watches your every move to analyze what you're doing right and where you need to improve.

And that's where Step 2 comes in...

Step 2: Execute. Analyze. Improve. Repeat.

This is a two-way street.

You execute.

Your coach analyzes what you did and tells you how to improve.

Then we repeat this cycle over and over and over again.

This is how you fail forward in reality.

When you're off the court, your job is to improve. Not analyze where you can improve.

This is another mistake that most people in the masses make, they think they can be their own coach... guess what kind of results most people get?


If you consistently show up and execute, your coach will consistently help you improve and hit newer heights.

Step 3: No BS Accountability

You can lie to yourself.

But you can't BS your High Performance Coach.

Your coach doesn't care about your feelings. He only cares about your goals and making them a reality.

This is how you break away from the motivational seesaw because even if you "fall off" for a few days, you know that you're going to have to come face-to-face with your coach to tell him that you didn't do what you said you would.

This external pressure and accountability alone is enough to break through any motivation-related barriers and plateaus that you might hit.

It is ok for you to fall off but it is not ok for you to not get back on the horse and finish the job for the week.

When you're off the court, your job is to improve. Not analyze where you can improve.

What You Get With the ikario Premium High Performance Coaching Program

Some of the core focuses of the program

Bulletproof Gameplan to your Biggest Goal

  • Your Bulletproof Gameplan will give you complete clarity on the exact weekly deliverables and action items that you need to execute on to achieve your goal.

100% Focused Execution

  • No distractions or "side quests".
  • Your coach will keep you focused on your main Goal no matter how difficult things get. 
  • Ultimately, we both want the same thing: to generate results in your life.

Live a More Fulfilled and Meaningful Life

  • When you're executing on your Gameplan and consistently producing results, you actually have the time to focus on other meaningful areas of life like your health and dating.

Weekly 'Keeping-on-Track' Checkin Calls

  • Every week you and your coach will sit down for an hour and assess your performance over the last week.
  • This step is absolutely vital to improving on a weekly basis to correct any flaws in your game and make sure you're well on your path to accomplishing your goal

Less Stress and More Time

  • When you're 100% clear about what you should be doing, you're able to execute stress-free on your Goal.
  • With the productivity tools that your coach will teach you, you will be amazed at how productive you can be in such little time.

Improved Habits & Health

  • Your health is a non-negotiable no matter what your business goals are. We have to focus on improving your health and your habits as we work on your biggest goals.
  • High Performance Coaching in Action

    Here's a breakdown of what happens in the coaching program:

    Step 1

    Building Your Bulletproof Gameplan. 

    • The first call with your coach will be centered around identifying your highest priority, most important goal and creating your Bulletproof Gameplan with 3 Major Milestones.
    • Each of these 3 Major Milestones are your Month 1, 2, and 3 deliverables.

    Step 2

    Improving Every Single Week.

    • After your initial Bulletproof Gameplan call, you and your coach will meet up every week to discuss how your last week went.
    • Your coach will analyze your performance, identify areas of improvement, and give you actionable feedback to implement in the next week.
    • These calls are absolutely vital to maintain the "failing forward" momentum towards hitting your Goal.

    Step 3

    Course-Correcting Your Bulletproof Gameplan.

    • At end of every month, you and your coach will sit down and review your performance for the entire last month.
    • We look at the following: 
    1. Did you hit your goal?
    2. If yes, do we need to increase the intensity? 
    3. If no, what do we need to adjust to make sure you hit your goals in the next month?
    • Based on your performance, we will either ramp up your Bulletproof Gameplan so you can hit your Goal faster or we'll break down your Major Milestones even further to make sure we're making consistent progress towards your Goal.

    Step 4


    • Execute. Analyze. Improve. Repeat.
    • This is when your progress and results really start to ramp up.
    • With each week that passes you become faster, stronger, and more capable of achieving MORE!


    focus & action
    The Ruthlessly Practical Approach to Becoming a High Achiever

    I created the focus & action course to solve all the problems I see in mainstream productivity advice.

    focus & action is an online course that teaches you the complete productivity system that I developed over more than a decade of being a self-employed entrerpeneur.

    This is the exact system I used to build several 6 and 7 figure businesses.

    Please Note: This program is currently not-for-sale and retails for $2,000!

    By joining the ikario High Performance Coaching Program you will get access to the focus & action course for FREE!

    NOTE: The $2,000 focus & action course will be available for FREE with ikario High Performance Coaching for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

    Meet Your Coach

    Abhi Chand

    Abhi is passionate about business, marketing, and making shit happen. He's the drill-sergeant of the ikario team.

    Why Most "Coaching" Programs Fail?

    Most coaching programs end up becoming a nice chit-chat with a "friend".

    Coaching programs are supposed to be a gruelling, grilling process with a tough coach that only wants to see you produce results...

    ...no matter what.

    This is the definition of High Performance Coaching.

    Your coach is someone that keeps you on track and taking action towards your goals despite your motivation levels or how you feel that day!

    You get up, show up, and do the work. No exceptions!

    Failing to reach your goal despite your best efforts is acceptable...


    Failing to give your best effort is absolutely unacceptable!

    Failing to give your best effort is absolutely unacceptable!

    What Makes ikario Premium High Performance Coaching Different?

    You have the choice of having a 'gentle nudging' warm person to a 'hard-driven and ruthless' drill sergeant as your coach.

    You pick which kind of coach you want to work with and that coach will beat the results out of you if he has to.

    We don't do the "Shoot for stars and end up on the moon" approach.

    Imagine if Apollo 11 took that approach. Do you think they flew off hundreds of thousands of miles into space in the hopes that they might land on the moon?

    F#ck no!

    We shoot for the moon and land on the moon.

    If we miss the mark, we regroup and analyze what went wrong and how to fix it moving forward.

    We will set goals that can be achieved in 90 Days and we will achieve those goals together.

    That doesn't mean we're going easy. It simply means we're setting realistically achievable, stretch goals for you.

    What our past customers say about our Live Programs

    The one thing that I really like most is the completeness, the combination of all the things offered. You have the tools, you have the live calls, you have accountability groups and everything. I think the combination of all of that put into one place is really amazing.


    Guitar Teacher

    The reason it really works was the weekly accountability, having those other people there, making sure that I was doing things and I wasn't just worming out of my goals.


    Guitar Teacher

    There was the live classes, the community, the accountability groups, the Monday-Resets and all these things. Basically, I made promises to other people that this week I will work on my most important project and I will do the tasks. I have to do this!


    Online Entrepreneur

    “Shane is able to convey the principles and systems in a clear and concise way.
    Doing this course together with him has been like immersing me for a month in his world and better understanding his philosophy of life and entrepreneurship, far from the thundering proclamations of many business gurus, and much closer to the reality of things.”

    Agostino Famlonga

    What made the different was that it wasn't just me on my own watching some videos. It was me and several other people, well quite a lot of other people, all in exactly the same situation with slightly different challenges. 



    Become a High Performance Individual Today

    Get focus & action ($2,000 value) for FREE with this coaching program before the timer runs out!


    You missed out!

    join the ikario high performance coaching program

    • Intense sprint towards your BIGGEST goal
    • You will be assigned ONE coach that suits your needs 
    • Weekly checkins with your coach to keep on track and improve your game
    • FREE focus & action ($2,000 value) when you join now
    • Access to ikario Premium Community with similar, like-minded goal-oriented people

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    $2,499 / 3 months up front

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    30 Day Guarantee: Get Your First Month of Coaching for FREE

    Here's a simple guarantee for you:

    If you're not satisfied with your results by the end of Day 30 out of 90...

    Just request a 100% no obligations refund... and we will send you your money back no questions asked.

    You even get to keep your 90 Day Bulletproof Gameplan and all the resources your coach shares with you in this timeframe.

    There is absolutely no risk. If it doesn't work for you, you walk away with you with everything you got and a FREE month of High Performance Coaching.

    More comments from my past customers

    “One of the best courses I have ever bought”

    “Just using one tool out of the course made a huge difference to my work. I noticed that I am already more productive and it helps me focusing on my goals without additional pressure. It’s much easier for me to prioritize on stuff that needs to be done & makes a difference and busywork."

    Michaela Thiede

    “One lesson alone was worth the price of the course...”

    “I love this course, it covers everything from the long-term goals to the daily tasks. I am a constant student on how to become more efficient not just more productive and this course has definitely delivered. It is unlike any other productivity course I took or book I read. There was one particular lesson in the goal setting section that was so surprising but also so valuable, that alone was worth the price of the course.

    Conny Graf

    “I recommend it for anyone who feels they aren't reaching their full potential...”

    With a new business venture in the works, I knew that I needed help improving task management and goal achievement—this course meets those needs and more.

    The content quality and teaching style are first-rate. The course walks you through all of the areas that are important to achieving fully optimized, deep focus work. For anyone who feels they aren't reaching their full potential due to inefficient and unfocused work habits, I highly recommend this course—it can be the difference between success and failure.

    David Coleman

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What if I don't have a plan or a goal that I want to accomplish?

    • Don't worry if you don't have a plan or goal at the moment because we will help you set a goal that you will go after in the next 90 Dyas on our first call together.
    • Step 1 is for us to identify a goal that you want to accomplish in 90 Days.
    • Then Step 2 is for us to come up with a plan of action to make it happen -- your Bulletproof Gameplan.
    • We will help you come up with all the weekly goals and everything you need to have a solid plan. You just have to hold your end of the bargain, show up and do the work necessary.

    Is this for entrepreneurs?

    Anyone can join but yes, this is mainly for entrepreneurs and people that want to make their side-hustle their full-time gig and achieve freedom.

    What if I don't have a business or side-hustle that I'm trying to build right now?

    You can still join this program and start working on your side-hustle. But the ideal scenario is if you are already working on your side-hustle and join us to help you make things happen.

    Are you offering any business advice?

    No. This is not a business advice program. We will help you along the way but won't be giving you any instructions or business advice. We can definitely help you think through problems and come to a solution that you will feel happy, but no direct business advice.

    Are there upsells?

    • There are no upsells in this program. There actually isn't anything to upsell you on. By joining the program, you will be added to our newsletter and mailing list and, if you like, you can stay in touch with us and what we do.
    • This basically means that we'll keep you in the loop of what we're up to. That's things like our new content and any new products that we come up with in the future.

    What if I do my best but still don't hit my goals?

    • That's fine because you still would've achieved a LOT more than you could've on your own.
    • This will also be a learning experience for us to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and where you can improve.
    • Remember, the game is a about Executing and Improving along the way.
    • If you don't hit your goal, we'll figure out where you can improve to hit your next goal.

    What if I only want to focus on one goal for now?

    That's the ideal scenario. We want to set a goal and ACTUALLY achieve it. One goal means you're laser-focused.

    Are you actually teaching anything here?

  • Simple answer: No.
  • We will start you off with some tools and resources on how we, at the ikario team, do our most productive work. But the emphasis of the program is on implementation and making shit happen.
  • You don't need more knowledge, you need to execute and make shit happen.
  • If you can't guarantee a result, how do I know the program worked for me?

    • You will know by the serious amount of progress you will make in 90 days.
    • By the confidence you feel about goal-setting in the future and being someone that does what he says and makes shit happen.
    • There is more than just results at stake, it's about becoming a man that other men want to be like.

    Become a High Performance Individual Today

    Get focus & action ($2,000 value) for FREE with this coaching program before the timer runs out!


    You missed out!

    join the ikario high performance coaching program

    • Intense sprint towards your BIGGEST goal
    • You will be assigned ONE coach that suits your needs 
    • Weekly checkins with your coach to keep on track and improve your game
    • FREE focus & action ($2,000 value) when you join now
    • Access to ikario Premium Community with similar, like-minded goal-oriented people

    Join Today!

    Regular price:  $2,000/mo
    Early-Bird discount price:



    $2,499 / 3 months up front

    Click the button to join the ikario High Performance Coaching Program

    Hi, I'm Shane Melaugh

    Hi, I'm Shane Melaugh, a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses like ThriveThemes, ActiveGrowth, and ikario.

    When people hear about my success, they tend to (mistakenly) think that I have the "Midas" touch or something.

    But the truth is very different...

    The truth is that I'm a college dropout, I was pretty much unemployable, I'm generally disorganized... the only thing that I'm actually good at is getting shit done.

    At least half of my ideas are bad and I have had at least half as many failures as successes in my business career. But the advantage that I have is that I move fast! I get my bad ideas done and published and move on to better ideas before most people are done with their morning coffees.

    Over the last year, I've built (another) team of highly productive guys - the ikario team - and we are all really excited to help you become the kind of person that can make your goals happen... aka become a man that can get shit done.

    That's what I want for you.




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